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Full Version: Hey, Bob, want to do a really big version of IST on spec?
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Probably not, but on the off-chance that that sounds interesting:

Steve Jackson Games currently has the Dungeon Fantasy box set at the printer. Phil Reed (CEO of SJGames) has said in post 12 of this thread:
Quote:If all of the copies sell out before the end of the year, well, let me just be the first to say that I'll do all I can to push a sci-fi boxed set onto our schedule and make it happen.
The thread goes on to discuss other possible Powered-by-GURPS box sets, including supers. Nothing official, mind you.
It's tempting...  the question is, after I dropped off the radar for so long, are they even willing to give me another shot?  <sigh>-- Bob
Then the horns kicked in...
...and my shoes began to squeak.
They're looking at a space opera box set first, and that only if the Dungeon Fantasy box set sells out before the end of the calendar year. You've got time to write a few small pieces for Pyramid magazine and get your name awareness back up.