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Full Version: [OOC-ish] PDF of my sidestories
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A little something for folks who like PDFs.

  • Page size 5.5"x8.5" (half a "Letter" sheet), 1.5cm margins.
  • Story titles in 14-point Century Gothic
  • Main text in 10-point Century Schoolbook, with 0.5cm first-line indents.
  • Monospaced text in 10-point Courier New

Do people like these settings? I know it's an old-fashioned font choice, but I like it.

Assuming I can update the attachment, I'll do so when I've written more stories. EDIT: Updated December 30, 2017.

EDIT: Oh, and I thought I'd make it a bit easier to find story threads... but I can only edit the first post in a thread if I'm the one who posted it.
It looks great, Rob.

What did you have in mind for making it easier to find story threads?
Icons in the thread subject lines. (Didn't you notice the stars?)
Oh! Okay. I'll get on that as soon as I get my moderator privileges back.
PDF Updated!