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Full Version: A little something that bubbled up out of my subconscious...
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*OK.  So.  It's a dream,* Shinji thought.  *It's got to be.*

The last thing he remembered was going to bed, so suddenly finding
himself standing up and dressed in front of a perfectly ordinary-
looking door was understandably disorienting, at least until he
realized that he had to be dreaming.

That he'd never realized he was dreaming *while* dreaming before,
at least not without an Angel being involved, did occur to him.
But the Angels had been beaten back, completely and permanently,
more than a year ago, so he was pretty certain that one couldn't 
be involved now.

*So...* he wondered.  *What's going on?*

The door declined to answer.

Shinji slowly turned around and decided that whatever his
subconscious was up to in this dream, it was decidedly *not*
playing fair.  White walls, white floor, white ceiling -- an
unfamiliar one, he thought with a small smile -- and no windows 
or other doors.  *Okay, so... either open the door or have the
most boring dream I've ever had.*

He had to admit that with his life there was some *attraction* to
the idea of a boring dream.

However, he knew perfectly well what Asuka would say if he 
*didn't* open the door.  Plus, he had to admit to a certain 
amount of curiosity about what his subconscious had in mind.  So 
with a little laugh at his hesitation, Shinji reached out, 
grasped the simple brass knob, and opened the door.

On the other side was a room out of a movie -- dark wood 
paneling, built-in bookcases filled with books of all sizes, 
colors and ages, and several chairs and sofas arranged in a 
semicircle around a fireplace in which a fire was blazing 

He'd barely taken that in when he realized there was someone in
the room -- two someones, actually, the backs of whose heads he
could see over the back of the sofa on which they sat.  From the
hairstyles he thought they might both be women.  One had hair the 
same color as Misato's, but what little of her skin he could see
was a warm coffee color.  The other had hair of the most 
improbable shade of pink, and at the sound of the door closing 
behind him she stood and faced him.

Shinji's breath caught for a moment.  Ah, yes, definitely female.
Brilliant blue eyes in a heart-shaped face, perched atop a blue
jacket of a decidedly military design, red biker shorts and...
Shinji tore his eyes back up to hers -- he wasn't going to admire
anyone's legs other than Asuka's, not if he was going to survive
the inevitable telling of this dream in the morning.

"Um, hi?" he half-asked as the pink-haired girl -- and girl she
was, not much older than him if he was right -- smiled broadly.

"Oh, hey!"  To his surprise she suddenly grabbed the back of the 
sofa and vaulted it, pivoting over the overstuffed upholstery and
dropping neatly on the carpet behind it.  The other girl turned 
to follow her with a fond, amused smile on her face.  She had 
amazing emerald eyes, Shinji realized before the pink-haired girl
regained his attention by sticking out her hand.  "Shinji, right?
I'm Utena."  When he failed to take her hand, she grabbed his and
shook it anyway.  "I'm your sister."

*Yup, definitely dreaming,* Shinji thought.

                            * * *

Several minutes later Shinji found himself surrounded by more
people than he was normally comfortable being around.  Moments
after Utena had introduced him to the dark-skinned girl --
Anthy, her name was, and he was a bit stunned to learn that she
was Utena's *wife* -- the door had opened again to admit three
more people who were energetically chattering.  Immediately
uncomfortable, Shinji tried to slide back against one of the 
bookcases, but Utena hooked her arm around his before he could do
more than twitch, and drew him gently but inexorably forward.

The new three were two girls and another guy, who all quieted
down and studied him speculatively when they spotted him on
Utena's arm.  "Hey," said the guy, who was a Westerner with messy 
black hair, striking green eyes behind round glasses, and the 
faded remains of a nasty scar on his forehead, "Is that...?"

Utena smiled.  "I finally found him.  Ladies and gentleman, may
I present our no-longer-missing sibling, Mister Shinji Ikari."

"Brilliant!" the guy responded while grabbing his hand and 
enthusiastically shaking it, Western-style.  "It's about time you
showed up!  Now us guys are only outnumbered two to one, instead
of four to one.  I'm Harry -- Harry Potter," he added, releasing
Shinji's hand.  "And in case Big Sis here hasn't gotten to it,
I'm your brother."

"Um," Shinji offered.  "Hi?"

"Oh, for..." said the smaller of the two girls.  She was slender
and delicate and tiny, with wavy dark hair and hazel eyes no less
striking than Harry's.  "Can't you see you're crowding him,
Harry?"  She elbowed Harry out of the way -- he gave a very
dramatic-sounding "oof!" but grinned at Shinji as he did -- and
to Shinji's surprise stepped forward and very gently hugged him.

"Right, and *I* was crowding him," Harry muttered with obvious
amusement in his tone.

Shinji went very still, not quite sure even after all he'd been
through how to react to a stranger -- and a girl, at that! -- 
hugging him.  "Hi, little brother... I'm your sister Bibi 
Summers," she said when she released him and stepped back.  Then 
she screwed up her face in concentration.  "At least I think it's 
'little brother'.  I mean, physically and mentally I'm like 
twenty-sevenish, but I'm really only five years old, so..."  She 

"Five years old...?" Shinji managed to ask before the other girl,
a tall, voluptuous brunette with her long hair in a high 
ponytail, laughed.  

"Well, I know for a fact that he's 'little brother' to me," she
said with a chuckle.

"Well, that's because you're a thousand years old to Bibi's five,
Grandma," Harry snarked good-naturedly.

"Watch it, wandboy, or I'll kick your butt again," she riposted
in exactly the same tones.  "There's still some life in these old
bones."  Shinji noted that she didn't look any older than Bibi
or Utena.  "Hey, little bro.  I'm Kino Makoto, the oldest and 
best of your big sisters."

Bibi made a raspberry noise while Utena called out, "Hey!"   To 
the side, Harry chuckled.

"They're always like this," he said when Shinji glanced at him.

That's all there is so far.  I don't know if I'll write any more, because I don't have a plot or an ending to this set-up, although if the mood takes me I know what the next couple of kilobytes will look like.

Oh, and I have a working title:  Family Union.

Updated a bit on 28 June 2018.
So, bringing the world Revolution means starting Third Impact? Smile
I like it so far. I could read more. Tongue
My first thought...

Somebody's Baratheoning their way across the multiverse?
And because editing a post isn't enough to flag a thread for new content, I'll just add a note there that I've put a little more new stuff into the scene above. I'm sure this'll be a disappointment, but that's all I have. I'm not holding back on you; this one's coming along in slow fits and spurts. I don't even really have an ending for it, which I really should before I go much further anyway.
Shinji, Utena, Harry, Makoto, one more unnamed female, and I don't even recognize Bibi - not seeing the connection there, I'm afraid, at least not anything that includes them while excluding anyone else.
Bibi showed up in the Fenspace / Girls, Girls, Girls crossover Legend of Galactic Girls, if that helps. She looks like Buffy. (So, Bibi -> B-B -> BuffyB...)
I suspect they are all kids Doug has 'adopted' over the course of the Walk
I'm not sure who you're identifying as the "unnamed" female, but everyone's named -- the girl with Utena is Anthy.

Oh, and Bibi looks like Buffy with dark hair.
Oh, right, first paragraph of the new stuff, if I'm remembering where it left off before correctly. Missed that somehow. As for Bibi, yeah, that clears it up, though having her dark-haired misses out on all the Golden BB jokes... Wink
Okay sooooooo...

....How are they all supposed to be related? And I can tell that 'lead protagonist' isn't a fact here because Bibi and Makoto aren't the leads in their respective shows...

So I'm guessing, as Norgarth said, that they're all people Doug adopted? A Girls, Girls, Girls spin-off?
Yes, no secret there -- they're all formal or informal adoptees of one stripe or another, at least the ones who survived their Steps. (Bibi had a sister named April, who took Doug's last name, for one.) There are a few more but I'm not sure how to incorporate the sons of Aaron into this thing, honestly.