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Full Version: [IC][BBS] Pinging the Collective...
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So, something HAL said in the other thread got my brain a-turning and I wanted to get everyone else's thoughts before I went to Mr. Phantomhive and Belldandy with the idea.

Basically, have a set of subforums that are accessible to our tenants as well as ourselves.

This would do a couple of things.  For one, it would provide our tenants with an online space where they can vent and 'be themselves'.  For another, this would give them a channel to socialize and commiserate with people in the same situation.  It helps that many of us are housing multiple groups, but expanding the pool of contacts can't hurt much.

At least I would hope it doesn't.  This is something that would need to be carefully moderated so anything going in a bad direction can be quashed quickly without ruffling too many feathers.  Some of our charges are not in the best mental states, after all, and the sudden change in scenery and circumstances isn't helping much...  (Though in some cases it's exactly what they need.)

So, what do you guys think?  Feel like you'd be up to the task?

PS: I'd nominate HAL to be a sort of majordomo of the system, that way he can let us know the moment something fishy comes up and also handle the more mundane stuff like password resets and the like.

PPS: Also, making this a poll so I don't have to go through and count all the nays and yays.
I think the positives outweigh the negatives here - while some things might end up being revealed that the people in question would prefer to keep secret, many of those things are already revealed in the works that we thought were fictional until recently. (If a particular secret is revealed, my life will become much more difficult ... but that's why Lord Phantomhive pays us the big bucks.)

Let's ask to do this.
We have a Bandcamp, a Facebook, a Twitter. And a Tumblr. I run them all.

We've already been spotted by some of our fans.

This makes no difference to us.

Well, I suppose that with four Yays that a quorum will carry. I'll get on the line with Belldandy first thing in the morning - she usually likes to pop by on a regular basis to see how Tenchi's, Washu's, and Sasami's seals are holding.

(No sign of Tokimi - I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing and it's making me... well, not edgy, but I worry about what might happen. She can be nice, but out of the three she's also the one most prone to dealing with things... terminally.)

They agreed! New subforums should be going live in just an hour or so.
Sounds great to me.  None of my residents ever had any limitations on Internet anyway, because they're all normal adults except for Alice and Chiyo who are pretty responsible teenagers, and Maya who lacks opposable thumbs.

Also Tomo's "IAmA Anime Girl AMA" didn't get many upvotes, so we're pretty safe in that regard.  The subforums should be a good place them to talk without the chance of instant celebrity.