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Full Version: How I Wasted My Weekend
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...other than by seeing Black Panther.  (Speaking of which:  Go.  See.  Enjoy.)

Based on the last few messages in this thread at the Eyrie Productions Forums, I ended up spending all last week watching a 47-episode Let's Play of Subnautica.  It's a freaking beautiful game, and I ended up actually signing up to Steam just to get it this weekend.  And then I played it for most of all day yesterday and then some, which is why I'm fried at work this morning, as I stayed up way too late.  Having watched the Let's Play all the way to the end, I know many of the game's twists and how it ends, and instead of diving right into straight gameplay I went instead into "creative" mode and have just been having a blast doing a little exploring and building a base (which is currently large enough that it's adversely affecting the frame rate; I'm probably going to have to trim it back a bit tonight).

Anyway, this is a game recommendation from someone who doesn't, as a rule, make game recommendations.  Check it out.

Oh, and here's a pic of my base at about halfway through all the work I did on it yesterday:

I watched a little bit of a Let's Play on it yesterday. It's on my list. I felt, given the way the past couple of weeks have been going, that shooting Nazis with BJ Blaskowicz was more therapeutic in the short term.
I ended up running across this game watching a World of Warships streamer. If I had a PC capable of running it (my 8+ year old laptop - not up to it), I'd definitely play it.
My tower system is about six years old and is just barely up to the task; on opening the game for the first time it was chugging along at over 110 fps but once I built up my base hugely it slowed down noticeably. I've deconstructed about half of the base because of the framerate drop (honestly, most of it I really created just for the coolness factor and because I could); I now have something just a bit bigger than what's in the pic above which still shows some fps degradation. Since I'm currently running in creative mode, I can probably remove the couple dozen reinforcement panels (the rectangles with "X" on them) to get more improvement because there's no base integrity problems in creative. I only used them because I wanted to get into good habits for when I start playing "for real".