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It's been a while

And I think I'm going native.

The girls have never known anything that wasn't a Space Station, with their entire lives being managed by others. If you put Sylvie at the controls of a Space Shuttle, she could probably land it safely. I had to explain how to put out the bins and seperate the recyclables. There are so many things they just don't understand. They're naive, but not children.

Every day is full of new experiences for them.

Sylvie acquired a motorcycle. Don't ask how - but it had all the right paperwork when she parked it up.
Anri's reading Tolkien, and diving headfirst into the internet.  
Nam likes cats. Cats don't like Nam.
Lou's taken to jogging in the park. She's active and busy.

We had our first three bookings recently, playing mostly small local places and bars. It's sort of thrown up a problem. Playing music is a very different thing from making music. We can play covers to pin-point precision, but we're still struggling to find our own voice. It's difficult when they don't have that much to draw on. Sylvie and Anri more....

The themes that're coming out are pretty clear. Fear, control, resistance, subjugation, domination, escape, solitude, freedom....

We've pulled three songs out of it.

"Quite an Experience,"
"1000 defeats, but still indistructible."

We have a small page Spotify. We are on Patreon. Anri came up with a great gimmick where we'd livestream hearing a song for the first time, then playing it straight through without practice. For a handy donation, someone could even suggest the song live.

It's nothing if not a demonstration of utter programmed skill. Something that came in handy when clients needed to be entertained on the spot.

The girls enjoy the live shows anyway. It's one of the few chances we get to really cut loose and be what they are rather than pretending to be what they aren't. Finding venues, getting bookings - getting gear where it needs to go - it's work, it's intense at times, but it's not stressful work.  There's something exciting in it.

I'm happier than I've been for a while, and that's not because of any emotional interlocks.

The country shut down a few weeks ago due to a surprise snowstorm. The sort we never get. I taught them about snowballs. The heating in the building failed again, but we had other ways to keep warm together. It's hard to be alone - harder than ever - i think it's a programming quirk. Just being together in the one room with the fire going watching Bladerunner while the meltwater drips in the pots.

In other news we picked up another guest a few days ago, after our last show. I came up with the perfect title for our anime.....

"My life in a harem with Lt. Commander Data."
A harem for Data, huh? Well, there was the one episode of Next Gen where they clarified that he was a fully armed and operational mandroid. Sorry, human nature, gotta handle the salacious bits first.

So far as programmed musicianship goes, it's not that unusual for that to be popular. Lots of people pay to go to Vocaloid concerts. Ride the wave, and see where it takes you. Every artist starts with learning, imitation, and reinvention until they finally get to a level that they find something that they want to say, and have the ability to express it. Everyone expects some magical muse or talent to take you straight to the top, but it never gets you all the way -- every creator struggles. You'll find your voice if you stick with it.
>fully armed and operational

Dirty minds. Wink

I will only confirm that you are not the only one who's curious. Data is an enigma to the girls. With any human being, we have a good read on both their emotional state, and an ability to 'push and pull' in certain directions. it's useful and just a little reassuring. Data's the first person they've met who's absolutely immune - an utter blank slate and that's fascinating.

I wasn't the one to ask, but I know what the answer was.

"I am sorry, but you are not capable of giving consent to the standards required by my ehtical subroutines."

None of us are quite sure how to take that. Flattered I suppose. It's hard not to take it as a challenge on some level.

I don't know if Data is alone or not. If the Enterprise is in orbit, questions will have to be asked of NORAD and half the world's telescopes. He hasn't been able to contact anyone from his crew, but that doesn't mean they aren't doing some Prime Directive thing keeping the heads down to avoid preventing WW3 or some complex moral dilemma like that.

I wonder if we are to become the AI house like I thought. Or will we end up as a heavy metalHarem with a plethora of protagonists to choose from. None of which are in any way capable of being interested in us....

>every creator struggles

A Vocaloid is still somebody's talent. It's an instrument, just of a different sort. Someone once said that you have to go through the 'suck in a garage' phase. We don't get that. We get a software option labelled 'Performance(musical/Vocal)'

It's a sort of empty skill without talent. Or maybe vice-versa.

The best we can do is work as much as we can.