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Full Version: TIME published fake news - an actual fake, not a "Trump fake"
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Guys... Trump already calls articles he doesn't like "fake news". Don't give him actual evidence of a fake.

CBC: A viral photo of a crying Honduran girl didn't tell the whole story.
The difference is that when some aspect of news reporting is actually faked, it is itself major news that gets wide media attention, while the Numpty in Chief just makes himself look more like a whiny brat insisting that whatever he says is true regardless of objective reality every time he goes on about "fake news."
This is a failure on Times part, and they need to address it properly. In this age of assholes throwing around accusations of 'Fake News' while themselves preaching lies without blinking, mistakes and/or lapses in judgement like this by actual professionals need to be dealt with.
Copying this over from one of the DW story forum quote threads:

“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don't alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit their views. Which can be uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering.”
– The Fourth Doctor, “The Face of Evil,” Doctor Who

Getting back to the actual cover, I rather doubt that the photo of Trumpty Trump was originally one of him looking down at a small immigrant child either, so it doesn't bother me that the little girl used to illustrate the wider issue was not herself in the exact situation. You don't expect to find the specific beans pictured on the label inside the can you buy at the supermarket, do you? It sounds very much like someone thought, "Okay, I need a crying kid... didn't I see one in Whatevername's recent submissions?" and fished it up for collaging purposes. Now, if they listed the photo credits as "Little Susie Waterworks, immigrant child separated form parents, and Meanie in Chief responsible, photographed by Fibber McSnaps" that's a different thing altogether but at least from my limited reading on the whole thing that wasn't the case, just a widely-held assumption.