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Full Version: Update Thread 40: I'm Running Out of Clever Names
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Welcome to the latest installment of our perennial fic updates thread.

The previous thread can be found here.
Cross Purposes 2 (Terawatt Multiverse, Buffy/Dresden Files).
Heretical Edge

Not really an update, I've discovered that the title page for the newest Cattale (Ever Fixed) has a heap of CGI 'Bruce and Selena Wedding Day' pics.
The Demon Fox, Devils, Dragons, and the Dungeon Chapter 12
Constantinople: The Child of Rome's Empire, Venice, Italy, 1725 Wrote:In the aftermath of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the Byzantine Roman Empire had inherited the full formalized legal and political structure of the old Roman Empire itself, without needing to reinvent it. This structure gave it the internal cohesion it needed to maintain its political and military strength. As part of that political strength, the Empire was noted for playing its various rivals and neighbors off against one another in order to keep threats at bay.
One of the core aspects of Byzantine military policy was their use of diplomacy and foreign influence in the furtherance of military strategy.  They maintained active ambassadors with every neighboring state and many that were further away, and did not hesitate to meddle in the internal affairs of other states. 
This made the Byzantine Bureau of Barbarians (Greek: Skrinion tōn Barbarōn) an office of considerable influence and importance in the intricate bureaucratic and political structures of the Byzantine government, and it did its job masterfully.  Suspected of having been the espionage office of the Empire by modern scholars, it was, officially, a protocol office for dealing with the ways of foreigners.  However, the office also maintained lists of rivals to foreign thrones, and would happily supply those individuals with money and support if it looked as if the current throne-holder might become a threat, or possibly merely uncooperative. 
The Empire also made use of a similar tactic on a larger scale—supporting rival states if their neighbors threatened the Empire.  If the Rus' threatened war, then the Pechenegs could be subsidized.  If the Bulgarians grew restive, then the Rus' could be contacted and favors called in.  A noted exemplar of such divide-and-conquer tactics was Emperor Heraclius, who once intercepted a note from the Persian king ordering the execution of a general and his staff.  The emperor added 400 names to the execution list and sent the note on its way, and watched as the Persian empire fought itself to put down the rebellion that ensued. 
Another example of such manipulation occurred when it came to light that Sigurd Trondsson (see Chapter 21: The Dragon Riders) was actually Snotlout clan Jorgenson, effectively next in line to inherit the chiefdom of Berk after Hiccup clan Haddock and his issue.  The Bureau…

This week's A Thing of Vikings begins in Vedrarfjord, where Fintan's reunion with his daughter reaffirms him in a decision toward which he's been moving for a few chapters, while Wulfhild wakes up to internal flutterings, which prompt musings from 1 Corinthians, which she'll need to carry her through an unexpected (but nonetheless dreaded) meeting with Hiccup and Astrid. In Constantinople, Sigurd continues working on logistics, with a little help from memories of home. Back in Vedrarfjord, Hiccup makes arrangements for his departure with Viggo. Returning to Constantinople, Sigurd goes to a party and meets a girl. In Nidaros, Tuffnut awakens to his new responsibilities, and has an answer to the question Einar asked him a while back. And we finish up in Vedrarfjord again, where Hiccup has a typically Hiccup solution to the marriage dilemma, and Stoick has a meeting with a Roman ambassador...

Endless Pantheon: God's Blood (Dresden Files/Stargate).
Changeling Space Program (My Little Pony/Kerbal Space Program).
Two chapters of Benefits of Old Laws.

"A Thousand Shattered Mirrors", shockz's second volume of "In Memoriam" - the To Aru no Index/Railgun rewrite - has updated, after, uhm, a very long time.
The Secret Diary of Cameron Baum (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles).
Cross Purposes 2 (Terawatt Multiverse, Buffy/Dresden Files).

Storybook Hero (Potter crackfic by Dogbertcarroll).
BHSdesk Wrote:Showdown in Uminari.

Right on time comes The Shattered Skies Chapter 41, "Night of Anguish":


(Also at Wattpad, but they're insisting on my establishing a user account, even when I sign up through Google, so screw'em.)

My Hero School Adventure is all Wrong, as Expected. What happens when you put a cynical but self-sacrificing person in an idealistic setting where self-sacrifice is praised? Let's find out.
Harry Potter and the Half-God Prince (Potter/Wonder Woman).
Apparently "the Great Alicorn Hunt" has updated a few days ago...

The Great Alicorn Hunt Chapter 57
Blake Skies Wrote:AND I'M BACK! With probably the shortest chapter I've got so far.

Cal and Kara meet a face unfamiliar to them, but familiar to followers of the prime Bare Squadron universe (now only one chapter ahead), in the last Ravager's Harvest update of 2018, "The Mandalorian"!

It's time, and past time, for A Thing of Vikings Chapter 72, "How The Wheel Turns"!

Once again, we turn to an undated draft of The Wing And The Ax, courtesy of the Waterford University Archives, in which Queen Marshal Astrid Haddock I Wrote:There are two great dangers with using dragons for military purposes—overuse and underuse, and frequently they mirror each other.  As with any fighting resource, the temptation to concentrate everything you have into a single hammerblow will always be there.  And it is worse with the use of dragons, due to their high mobility.  One can easily rationalize to oneself that the utility of keeping a mass formation of dragons that can rapidly deploy outweighs the risks of raids and other high-speed attacks.  But the mere fact that dragons are fast doesn't mean that they can fly across Midgard in a day.  Time is still needed to get any army moving, and that is still the case for flocks of dragons, regardless of how well-trained or well-drilled they are—and that still allows for a window which someone alert and ready to attack can use to their own advantage.

In Vedrarfjord, Hiccup smiths Gronckle-Iron weapons for the attack on England and crafts some gifts for afterward. In the dungeons of Faaborg, Markus Ulverson is awakened from the nightmare his life has become. On the great steppes, the Kagan of the Pechenegs discusses strategy with Drago. North of Constantinople, Sigurd leads the Hypsikrates tagma in aerial drill over the planned site of their fortress. Back in Vedrarfjord, Heather takes a break from all the big problems to deal with a small problem, while Viggo gets checkmated. And we close at the ring-fort of Cashel, where the kings of Eire are gathered in their masses united in their opposition to the Viking infiltration.

Chiaroscuro (Naruto).

Endless Pantheon: God's Blood (Dresden Files/Stargate).
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