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Full Version: Canada's just this place, you know?
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Why a Canadian who fled the U.S. after Trump's election says Canada isn't perfect either

Worth a listen - especially if my other comments here have had you thinking Canada's a fantastic place to live. Besides, it's only seven minutes long.
Your plotting has been exposed, Canadians!  In comments on a Washington Post article about Trump's shutdown-'til-he-gets-his-wall tantrums, one of you, using the handle Northof49, gave away your intentions:

Quote:We are planning to invade your country, remove Trump from office and put a moose in the White House. You wouldn't know the difference.

Please hurry!

God made me an agnostic — who are you to question His wisdom?
I dunno.

I think Northof49 would be right about no difference being known by the general American public, so would it make a difference?