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Oh course, these tend to apply to myself as well. 8P
I am writing. Just not always in the current chapter(s).

But.... message received.
(01-05-2019, 12:06 AM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: [ -> ]I am writing.  Just not always in the current chapter(s).

But.... message received.

oh I fully understand that problem. Rolleyes   I get 8 story ideas and I'm lucky if 3 feature the same cast, let alone compatible events.   I just end up with an ever growing collection of fragments that don't fit together. Tongue Sad
I'm a huge procrastinator, so I always have that "I should be writing" in my head too, but actually putting it into words is difficult and a prime target of procrastination.

@Rob Kelk: PhD comics is a good webcomic too, but I'm not sure how well the humor translates to people who weren't in academia at some point in their lives. I'd guess you'd need to be substantially more involved than a median undergrad.
And one of the things distracting me from the main projects right now is a nanoStep. Which you would think would be a quick and easy thing. Normally they are. But damn, duplicating Dr. Seuss' style is harder than I thought.
It's hard to get your motor going when you're running low on geisel.
This is probably premature, but here's an initial draft of the first few stanzas:

When the Grinch left the house he saw a creature in grey
Was playing with Max at the front of the sleigh.
It stood when it saw him, and said, "Hello, sir.
You should know that red jackets don't go with green fur."

The Grinch smiled broadly -- a wide, toothy sight --
And said, "Why, I'm Santa, and it's cold out at night.
Red jackets and hats are the things Santa wears
Anything different and I'd be putting on airs."

"If you're Santa, I'm Elvis," the grey creature said,
"And if I thought *that* I'd be wrong in the head.
But I know you're not Santa, I know it quite well.
You're the Grinch, stealing Christmas.  
I can tell by the smell."
(01-14-2019, 06:35 PM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: [ -> ]This is probably premature,

(looks at the calendar)

Yes, it's about 11 months premature. Big Grin
It's fantastic so far. Can't wait for the rest.
Quote:"You're the Grinch, stealing Christmas.
I can tell by the smell."

Well, of course Doug can.  As the song explains, "The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote:  stink ... stank ... stunk!"

Or have I just stolen his line?

(EDIT by Bob: removed color markup which made this hard to read in San Felix)
No, you haven't stolen his line -- he heads in a slightly different direction.

And yeah, 11 months early, only because it wouldn't let itself be written on December 3rd, dammit.

Peg's read all of what I have so far and enjoyed it. I just have to put the right ending on it.