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Republican Senator Marco Rubio thinks that Trump declaring a national emergency to build his wall is a bad idea -- not because it's ridiculous, or a waste of money, or because it's racist or immoral, or because it'll alienate the Hispanic voters whom the Republicans have been trying to court since Obama's re-election -- but because it might encourage a future Democratic president to do the same thing about climate change.

Gotta love a Republican who's got his priorities straight.  Then again, this the first time in decades that I've seen a Republican actually acknowledge that Democrats might eventually gain something from one of their gambits to gain a little more immediate power; usually when they suggest something like curbing filibusters or changing a process that requires a 2/3 vote to a simple majority, it seems like it never occurs to them that they'll ever fall out of power and the new advantage will then profit the Democrats.  It's so unusual to see a Republican in power actually admit it's possible that they aren't a thousand-year-reich which will outlast the very concept of democracy.
Yeah, they're finally starting to feel the heat. Wink
Well, as the President says, "The buck stops with everybody."
(01-11-2019, 07:03 PM)Labster Wrote: [ -> ]Well, as the President says, "The buck stops with everybody else."

FTFY Labster.

The buck will never stop with him.
Yeah, yeah, I know, but that was a real, on-camera quote.

Such a low quality president the USA have this run.
If the "When you're a star, you can do anything" incident and blatant, constant racism toward immigrants didn't persuade someone of that, I don't see how anything else will. He's the punchline that's making us the laughingstock of the world at this point.
(01-12-2019, 05:17 AM)hazard Wrote: [ -> ]Really?

Such a low quality president the USA have this run.
The American people have decided they're tired of high quality in their elected officials.  They want presidents who're more like them, and that means low quality.  So they either vote for the likes of Trump, or they refuse to vote for the candidate who had a chance of stopping him.  

Make no mistake, I didn't and don't like Clinton — I feel her sticking with Slick Willy was just one of the things that proved she's too power-hungry to have principles — but I held my nose and voted for her because a Trump presidency would be an even more corrupt presidency, and racist (and it's worse than I expected).

For twenty-three years, I thought my Army service was a good thing, even if my contribution was adequate at best.  I felt I was helping defend a country that deserved to exist, though I didn't buy into the hubris of "shining city on a hill" or "the indispensable country ... we stand taller."  Now ... now I despise at least half of my fellow citizens.


OK — wail of self-pitying despair and hatred concluded.
I'm a very forgiving person ... on Lord Vader's terms.  "Apology accepted, Captain."