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Full Version: Trump wants an immigration system 'like they have in Canada.'
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Trump wants an immigration system 'like they have in Canada.' So, one without a border wall, then? Smile

More seriously, I wonder whether it'd fly. Remember what happened when Lyndon B. Johnson made a similar suggestion?

And, hey, look - he waited until he needed to put together his re-election platform before suggesting this.
Rob, you have to remember you do have a border wall between you and central America, its called The United States.
That would mean something if you kept your people on your side of the border.

We already know that you don't. (And, since I mentioned Johnson earlier, I'll also point out the Vietnam War draft dodgers.)

Your country is not a wall for our country.
Mention Canadas border, his mind instantly jumps to Mexicans.
(04-30-2019, 08:01 PM)Matrix Dragon Wrote: [ -> ]Mention Canadas border, his mind instantly jumps to Mexicans.

Not to India?
The Onion laughs about such things... but out here in the real world, Canada actually has a border dispute with Denmark.
It's the best handled border dispute I've ever heard of, Rob. If only all were so civilized.
I would be happy to harmonize Canada and the United States' immigration systems.  It's one big step closer to a North American Schengen Area.  As they say, a broken clock is right twice a day.

I keep thinking about the last great outbreak of unwanted immigration to California.  See, there was a big famine in the home country and the rulers there couldn't help because they had went nearly bankrupt on poor business decisions.  So the people loaded up all their belongings, and flooded into California, right when we couldn't afford to pay for our own people.  So there was a lot of anti-immigrant propaganda, and why not, because these people all lived in disease-ridden shanty towns.  But they kept coming and coming, sending 15% of their entire population to California.  Coming and taking our jobs away when we didn't have enough work, fucking okies.  A few years later the economy picked up, and everyone moved on to being terrified of the Japanese instead, and the immigrants just slipped in and became an ordinary citizens.  It's weird how that works.
Are you talking about the Okies there, Labster?
(05-01-2019, 04:58 PM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]Are you talking about the Okies there, Labster?

He said so, last word of the antepenultimate sentence:  "fucking okies."

Edit:  Also, I prefer to think of that Onion article as satire, not simply humor, pointing out how easily people, and especially nation-states, too big for any one person to keep track of all the issues, can get riled up about nonsense, to the point that nobody stops to think that it is nonsense.
Yeah, but I thought the link was apropos.
Yeah, that was my attempt to bury the object of the writing. I even used lowercase because I didn't want people to scan ahead.

The thing about immigration law or anti-immigrant sentiment is that most people don't think it could ever apply to them. And then when it does, it's a rude awakening. Americans don't even get the fact that one of the major reasons the United States is so strong is because of open borders. We had 13 separate countries, or states, that decided to make a federation, and to invite in more states. South Carolina had very little in common with Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, but they ended up making a vast area with free trade and open borders together. Were it not law that we mutually recognize citizenship, people would have been out on the border with guns to keep the Okies out. And yet the consequences were not all that bad.