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Full Version: Fenspace Wiki Wikinode?
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While doing my usual daily stuff on All The Tropes, I came upon a page there called WikiNode, which had outbound links to other MediaWiki wikis.  It appears to be some kind of gateway for interwiki browsing?  Anyway, there is a link on it that's supposed to go to the FenWiki -- http://fenspace.net/index.php5?title=WikiNode -- but it's dead.  It doesn't even go to a deleted page, as far as I can tell.  I'm presuming this is something we ought to have...  I could create it, I suppose, but I feel like I should leave it in the hands of someone who knows that it's supposed to be.
Okay, I figure six and a half months is enough time for someone else to do something with this. And no one has, so I've created the WikiNode page for the Fenwiki.