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Full Version: Base Open House Passcodes
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Always, always a WIP, a proper base is. But here's a listing of passcodes to get into some various bases.

Riot Force 6 (Blueside): RIOT6-1057
Scimitar Securities (Redside):  BGC-4604
Malefactor LLC (Redside): PARTNER-4455

Riot's mostly Spud's work, while he's consulted a bit on Scimitar and Malefactor was something I knocked out in a night so people in the SG wouldn't have to use coalitions to teleport to the Rogue Isles zones at least.
The Infamous (Redside, natch): INARI-5559
Here's a google sheet listing of a number of public bases designed to be used as RP settings.

The Legendary base is LOONEY-137
I'm touched. <grin>