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Full Version: Twenty killed by white terrorist in El Paso, TX.
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From the BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49221936

But even during these things, people rise to the call: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/man...g-n1039011

My condolences to the families of the victims.
And not even 24 hours later, another one. This time in Dayton, Ohio: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019...s-shooting
This is your daily reminder by heavily armed white supremacists that you have a white supremacist and gun problem. Carry on offering thoughts and prayers as opposed to actually doing anything about the problem.
And the Republicans blame video games, while Trump tweets that the solution to white supremacists shooting people is to do something about the immigration. Holy Fuck.
A pre-9/11 comic:

[Image: gamespy069.jpg]


Continue to insist on fact-checking, folks. Keep calling out these know-nothings.
The President has spoken out to condemn white supremacy.  Although it seemed to at least some listeners as if his heart wasn't really in the condemnation.  (News flash!  Trump allegedly has a heart!  Millions ask in disbelief, 'Can you prove it?!')  But he definitely did request, “and may God bless the people of Toledo.”  


Not Dayton.

I guess this is something like the horrific Bowling Green massacre.
With respect to you Norgarth, Colbert is a hack who thought he was a comedian, I don't even watch him on a good day.

I've left this alone for a week, have any of you bothered to actually look up this assholes manifesto? Did you realize that not even the infamous Clinton assault rifle ban of the 90s, let alone any of the commonly proposed gun control laws would have stopped this one. I'm actually still curious as to why this shithead drove 8 to 10 hours to "kill Mexicans" when he could have driven an hour at most and walked into one of the largest open air ethnic shopping malls in the state and had plenty of Mexicans and other racial minorities to shoot.

I also notice, and mot just here, that nobody is talking about the Dayton shooter who was also a leftist, (read the El Paso shooters manifesto, its a liberal whine fest followed by racist social Darwinism) and supported Elizabeth Warren. I don't see anyone calling out her for her "divisive rhetoric"

I gave this thread a week before responding to anyone, and all I'm hearing is the same old shit.
Because in both cases the main motivating factor appears to be racism, the Democrats universally condemn this sort of violence, and the president and the Republicans do not. Worse, the president appears to almost revel in this sort of violence and stokes the fires of racism, discrimination and violent action whenever he can.
There is video of one of his rallies in Florida where one of his followers shouts about shooting immigrants and he says that it’s only legal in the panhandle.

Some may dismiss it as a joke, but I have learned that what one person considers a joking matter reveals a lot about them.

Trump and His Deplorables. Whatcha gonna do? I just worry that in the next election cycle, things are gonna shift so far to the left that it'll make California's politics look centrist by comparison. Which means that the pushback is only going to be all the more vehement in the election cycle after that.
California's politics do look centrist by comparison to most European countries.