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Full Version: A little crowdsourcing
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(08-12-2019, 08:16 AM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: [ -> ]1250 BC:  In a bit of nanoStep which is part of the Walk's official itinerary, Doug was adopted into a Midianite tribe by its leader, Jethro, after he saved the life of Jethro's daughter Tzipporah.  A few years later he ended up best buds with Tzipporah's husband.  He has recordings of music made by various members of the tribe, as well as a song (the lyrics of which he turned out to already know) written by Zippy's sister-in-law.

That should be enough to let you figure out more specifics.  <grin>

HMMM...  Why am I suddenly thinking about a shiny single thread in a Tapestry not seeing its purpose in The Grand Design?
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