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Full Version: Anyone still playing Star Trek Online?
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I thought I might give it another go with a slightly stronger computer than last time, in hopes of being built up enough to get into most of the goodies by the time the January ten year anniversary rolls around with whatever events they roll out for it.
... Umm.

Had not been thinking about it for a while, CD. Could in another week or so, but, if you've been following my other posts on this sub board you might know why its kinda been low priority"
Much better to see that your RL issues are heading toward resolved than playing in any computer game, Star. I've mostly been playing as UFP captain Rockwell on the same velocirapture2go account as my CO mains (game handle, not an email address, but I still took out the snail since it serves as the in game mail address anyway) if anyone wants to try to meet up, but as usual my play hours are very irregular based on a number of factors despite being on a probably unhealthy number of them per day. The thing is, the stories mostly do actually feel like Star Trek, so it's pretty fun to actually play. Not the TOS episode, though. The first few missions were okay but once the Time Agent stuff shows up it all goes downhill.
Story chased me off post-Iconian War, and a few other games stole my attention back. I have a lifetime sub, so I'm tempted to drift back in from time to time.
Today I learned the it's almost as much fun to watch an Intrepid class explode as it is to win the fight, and the ship looks much better flying in reverse. Especially if you have one of the tronlines visual-modifying shields equipped, because it gives you this huge drive trail like the tail of a comet instead of the usual little ribbons. The Intrepids' saucer section looks like an insect abdomen when it's running backwards, though, and the deflector a big glowy engine, while the shuttle bay (at least with the variation I'm using) is a decent bridge stand-in and the nacelles are mostly just as good or bad backwards or forwards.