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Full Version: Art for CmptrWz's "Hybrid Hive: Eat Shard?"
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If I hadn't made them myself I'd stash these in General/Genral's "WTF Images" thread thanks to the last one, but they belong just as much here. In case you're not fmailiar with it, Hybrid Hive: Eat Shard? is a Worm/Nanoha crossover on Sufficient Velocity, by the same author as Mauling Snarks, in which Taylor ends up with a Device instead of (well, sort of as well as, as the title suggests it absorbs her canon powers so she still has bug control as an option) an actual parahuman as such. The description of it sounded nifty, so (after a significant false start on my first ideas) I made a 3d model of Hive's storage/stealth form on a jewelry display bust, followed by a mini-comic using it because it was funny and lols appear to be the currency of my dedication.

Wide angle:
[Image: RWWGwXb.png]

Tight angle:
[Image: SQ4kFYX.png]

Tall tale:
[Image: NLOSkGP.png]
Oh, very nice...

I don't suppose you'd be willing to make that available as an OBJ? (Free or paid.)
I think it's a fine idea, but I'll have to ask CmptrWz first. Also, that necklace as it stands is kind of a killer for conversion out of Blender since it uses the dupliverts and fit to curve modifiers, but I can make sure a single link is there unmodified easily enough, or a simple cylinder extrude with a bump/normal map to create hexagonal panel lines would probably do the job as well for less triangles.

Busy and on the wrong operating system ATM, but I'll leave the tab open as a reminder.

Edit: It will also give me an excuse to try to fix that GD crease in the neck of the bust that only began to bother me after the images were posted.

And no rush. Any time this decade or next is fine... Smile


My take on this is that it suddenly makes Taylor French, and living above her parents Patissaree in Paris.

(fold THAT into a crossover that should or should not be, fellow writers! *oh, gee, who just threw down that gauntlet?!?!?!?*)
Ooh, but that would make her dad He-Bear, one of the Plushies of the Universe, Brain.
As a small update, CmptrWz has agreed that making the model available is fine, so now I just need to stop playing STO long enough to boot in Linux and get it exported, then find a hosting site that doesn't suck. Do you have any suggestions on that front, Rob? I know you're big on that side of things among the board members here. Also, should I do it as the whole scene, put the pendant back in a neutral position, separate the display bust as a second download, or what? I don't even know how I'd go about setting up a method to get paid for them... I wouldn't expect they're worth a whole lot anyway, though it took me a few hours to make due to needing to figure out how to use a couple of Blender's tools I hadn't worked with before.
ShareCG is a pretty good hosting site - I've used them myself for free items, and they have a service for selling resources as well. (Don't know what cut they'd want for being your broker, though.) They're heavy on the Poser side of the field but not exclusively so. Renderosity and TurboSquid are the other big names in the service, but ShareCG is where people tend to get their first creator accounts.

I'd do the display bust as a second download. There's a lot of jewelry models out there that could use it.