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Full Version: Flavors of the Month: Homecoming AT data
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So I haven't been around in game much due to Fire Emblem: Three Houses devouring my spare time, but I ran across this on the forums and thought people would find it interesting:

Not going to lie I was surprised at how low Energy aura ranked for armor sets! However I lol'd pretty hard when I saw the stats for Tanker secondaries. Just super strength literally blew everything else outta the water by a large margin. I have to wonder..is it because tanker damage is so low that people want that stacked rage goodness oooor its just so iconic a power that its only natural to take it on a tank. I'll freely admit I'm in both of those schools of thought...also I'll never get tired of my sweet stomping and KO Blow's animation.
Probably both. Where are the numbers for the horrible people that abandoned us for FFXIV?
Hey!  I came back... sometimes... occasionally... look its hard to leave Eorzia