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Full Version: Sutter Task Force Issue
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Hey, guys. I ran into a common bug in the Sutter TF last night that ended up causing the PUG I was in to hang around for 30 minutes, waiting for a GM, and then to restart a mission, before figuring out the workaround. This added about an hour to the TF, so I thought I'd share.

After Part 2, "Defend Paragon City," which takes you into the sewers to fight Riptide and Harbinger, you should exit the mission into the Skyway City sewers. An exit will take you to Part 3, "Defend Skyway City," which is the final confrontation with Fusion and Temblor, and then the Durays. Upon clicking on the mission entrance, you may get the message that you have to complete your current mission to enter the next mission, even though you have already gotten the message that Part 2 has been finished. The GM that finallly got back to us reported that this is a common bug. The workaround is to have the entire team log out of CoX, wait one minute, then log back in. You should then be able to progress on to Part 3.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for the info, Ebony!