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Full Version: New Issue....pages?
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- 2 new story arcs, Vigilante and Rogue aligned, for the mid level ranges
- New Force of Will origin power pool
- Instanced Rikti Mothership Raid through the LFG queue
- Ability to start undersized TFs via LFG queue
- Halloween Event active
New content? Branching missions where your choices change the plot? Yow!
No mention of the tanker changes. Hrmph.
Maybe a future page will reinstate the missing Incarnate powerslots, everything above Hybrid all the way to Omega.
That would be awesome, if we get content that scales to them
The problem, apparently, is that according to folks I've spoken to, no one remembers what they were going to be...
They could theoretically scale up incarnate content as much as needed by throwing more level shifts to I-trials and Dark astoria/incarnate content.
I suspect the issue with "completing" the Incarnate powers is that they will be having to create whole-cloth entirely new frameworks for those powers, and not simply add to/tweak current frameworks like new powersets/current incarnate powers/etc. There's no theoretical reason they couldn't do so, but it is a larger undertaking for a technically pirated copy of a very complex game being managed by a very small number of people in their free time.

I'm happy enough to just have the game up and running as a vehicle for recreation/RP with friends.
Tanker buffs not being out makes sense. A previous thread mentioned they're still being beta-tested, probably with intent to keep Tankers from breaking the game from having simultaneously the best DPS output AND best durability.

Incarnate powers being "finished" also has to take into account that from the COH lore Q&As after the game ended that those names basically existed with no power ideas beyond rough sketches in mind as of yet. So it's not like they even have as much as the data sitting around for, say, the incomplete Wind Control set. These hadn't even gotten into coding levels yet.