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Full Version: "You Learn Something New Every Day" Dept.
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So... Peg and I were down at Alison and John's place in West Virginia this weekend.  (For those of you playing "Bob's Life Warriors Bingo", that's Ai Jiao Min and Skitz/Major Kanis.)  Late Saturday night, Alison was talking about her writing (Nanowrimo and a couple other projects), and it eventually led into something along the lines of "oh yeah, Bob writes, but he doesn't talk about it; but we really should talk shop".  Those weren't her words, and it didn't get expressed that succinctly, but yeah, that's what it was.

So I discussed the Walk with her (and everyone else there) over the table, and I brought up how I covered the Warriors, and mentioned how I referenced Ai Jiao Min.  Alison's face got blank for a moment, then her eyes got wide as she said, "I'd forgotten about Ai Jiao Min" (which is understandable because I think her last Warriors session was something like 20 years ago), and then she started laughing.  She finally explained why -- when she created the character she was drawing a blank on a codename for her, and in desperation called her "I Have A Name" in whichever Chinese language it was.  Which admission got the rest of us laughing as well.

If I'm lucky, any readers I might have who speak that particular language hopefully thought I mangled a transliteration, or it was something in a different Chinese language entirely...
So, you have another trope for the DW page on ATT.
OI! The pair of ye. Nostrils. Pain. Ye did it. Shame on ye!
(02-03-2020, 09:03 AM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]So, you have another trope for the DW page on ATT.

I suppose I do...

Edit: And I just came up with an Author's Saving Throw. She's a mage. Obviously she's protecting her True Name. <grin>