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Full Version: Mayhem / Safeguard Badges
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Does anyone besides me have an interest in them?

Because its to the point I've set up to dual box in order to get them on Myself and Bonnie... but it also occured to me to ask if there were others who wanted to tag along.
Not sure if you’ve heard, but there are contacts unlocked by earning the Hero Slayer or Villain Disruptor badges that allow you to run any Mayhem or Safeguard on demand up to your current level.  Those are the defeat 25 signature hero/villain badges by the way.  Lord Schweinzer is the Mayhem contact.  I forget the Safeguard counterpart’s name.  I think he is in the PPD?  Could be a more convenient method than needing to run a whole series of radios and having characters of appropriate level.  My villain mastermind had the contact unlocked around lvl 30 thanks to all the Heroes you fight in normal missions.