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Full Version: Meanwhile, in Eoreza ..
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[Image: pxzCj3U_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]

Alice Romanova wearing some of the latest fashions.

Eoreza is which game universe, MD?
Final Fantasy XIV
thankie thankie
So, has Alice run into the Red Chocobo of doom yet?
Only the plot one in Yanxia and the Ivalice Raids. Still working on the Southern Front. But soon, she will hear the dreaded 'KWEH'
Yeah, i learned that pain on Crystal. I need to actually get invested in the game again before i'll run into the new Red Pain
Thanks guys I'm getting PTSD flashbacks of Red chocobo's in Final fantasy tactics and gettin blown up by Choco meteor.
Yeah, that part of the game is practically a canon sequel to tactics.

But seriously, no comments on the actual art?
I mean obviously the art is fantastic but I kinda thought that was just to be assumed, did you get it commissioned?
Torakun on twitter

Does a lot of Final Fantasy Commissions, but also does other stuff.