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Full Version: And thus history repeats itself
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Was in CoH this evening and checking to see who's been on recently I noticed something hilarious. I'm not sure when or why but once more Terrence is 'Leader' of the SG. The running gag continues apparently .

Seriously though I'm guessing its because Mag Flashlight hasn't been on for a certain amount of time. I could be wrong though.
Hell Terr. Mag's probably been on more recently than *I* have. Though this reminds me of how I suddenly found myself the Fleet Admiral of the Legendary 7th in STO. At least *I* remembered to designate Sasinach as who would replace me, because I was expecting to have an extended period with no computer.
Admittedly I'm mostly just referring to the amusing moment when Atl had accidentally promoted Terr to be one of the leaders by accident before there had been the ability to demote from leader.

Terrence:..how the hell does this keep happen to me? Well..i'll at least keep the chair warm till someone who's more fitting comes along.

Granted in my headcannon this is OG Terr still. Whom saw the end of a timeline some time after he Yeeted Star and DarkSeraph through the portal before he himself was returned back to the start of the rebooted timeline where everything was eerily similar with some notable exceptions such as Mag Flashlight using a Radiation based armour and stumbling across Silicon Sabre meeting her father whom wasn't there in the original timeline as far as he was aware.

...so if nothing else its not like he doesn't have the experience to actually do leader-y things when push comes to shove.

Random Note:Since first being dropped off on Primal earth ->Batallion invasion->Universe Reset->Current day TK has accumulated 15-20ish years of hero experience. Oddly enough he hardly looks to be mid 20's still....