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Full Version: Been away too long...
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Evangelia got demoted to Commander.  Probably when Terr got promoted to Leader.  Can someone please re-promote her?  Thanks.
Hah Terr was just keepin the throne warm so to speak till ya were able to log back in. Consider it done the next time i hop on.

Edit:done deal. Eva is Boss Lady agan.
Thank you! I'll try not to stay away for months at a time in the future. (And how the hell did that happen? It felt like I'd last played only last week or so.)
Real life can be a real stinker like that keeping you far to busy to think bout other things! Still at least you can be assured the Eva's commanding chair in the legendary will be taken care of as needed!
You could also increase the "Inactive demotion timer" to like 180 days or something. Give you plenty of time to long in and not demoted.
Oh, for pete's sake. The holidays kept me away for a month and I got demoted again because our demotion period is only 15 days. Terr, could you please max that and re-leader me? Thank you.
And I just ran into Terr. Eva's back on top, and the autodemote time has been maxed at 600 days. Up from the fifteen days it was up until now.