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(03-05-2022, 01:53 PM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]Author's Note: One more group arrival, then I can get back to writing that story that's been on hold for a few months.

That story is getting close enough that reposting a relevant image might help folks remember it...

[Image: __mugino_shizuri_frenda_seivelun_kinuhat...5ccad5.jpg]

Triple-size copy here

EDIT: Once that's done... height-comparison image for my next story.

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_nunotaba_shinobu_and_feb...af6511.jpg]

Again, triple-size copy here
(01-05-2022, 02:43 PM)Black Aeronaut Wrote: [ -> ]No words were exchanged.  Fate didn't want to wake the children. and the smiles and affection she and Benjamin shared were enough for the moment.  Instead, she went to the massive, pink beanbag in the middle of the floor and sighed as she flopped back into it, arms spread wide, and a content smile on her face.

That had been a recent addition to the living room furniture by Benjamin.  At first, it had been met with varying degrees of derision.  It had been deemed a silly and somewhat gaudy piece of furniture.  That is, until everyone tried it out.

Mmmmm... beanbags...

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_and_gekota_toaru_majutsu...4d670e.jpg]

(Triple-size copy here)
I found a few images by heavenlove/黛色LEMON which capture CCS relationships nicely:

[Image: __kinomoto_sakura_and_li_xiaolang_cardca...159f0e.jpg]

Okay, I made two more wedding dresses, can we have another wedding now?
[Image: __kinomoto_sakura_and_daidouji_tomoyo_ca...eb44e8.jpg]

Let's not forget these two lovebirds:
[Image: __kinomoto_touya_and_tsukishiro_yukito_c...2ca9b2.jpg]

I am planning on saying most everyone from the CLAMP universe is bisexual, and romantically mature when they're pretty young.  The gods just decided to do something different in that universe.  Though I guess Bob has a few refugees from there too, so I should run it by him too.
I've no problems. We're in a college town, anything goes. <grin>
(03-22-2022, 07:53 AM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: [ -> ]I've no problems.  We're in a college town, anything goes.  <grin>

So, if all those hints in the anime about Mugi aren't simply teasing on the part of the scriptwriters and animators, who does she end up with? Mugi/Umi would be the two rich girls, Mugi/Hikaru would be the two strong girls, Mugi/Fuu would be the two ... er ... kind girls?

(03-22-2022, 04:26 AM)In the DW-S forum, Labster Wrote: [ -> ]> when they'd found Ami Usagi
Needs a comma there. Unless there's a new cast member I don't know about. (artist conception)

Yes, yes - all of the first ten displacees at Blossom get fan art of them in that outfit... except for Mii, who wore that outfit for Halloween.
(03-22-2022, 12:53 AM)Labster Wrote: [ -> ]Let's not forget these two lovebirds:
[Image: __kinomoto_touya_and_tsukishiro_yukito_c...2ca9b2.jpg]

That kind of kiss and Yukito's glasses aren't being dislodged? Sorry, I don't believe it, even with Clow's magic.
What if Sailor Moon Crystal was animated by KyoAni?

[Image: __tsukino_usagi_sailor_moon_mizuno_ami_a...e171a0.jpg]

I was looking through Popular Artists Draw Other Copyrights and found a very large collection of other people's characters as drawn by Namori (the creator of Yuru Yuri). All of these have been reduced to 3/5 size - see the "Larger version" links below the images for the full-size copies.

[Image: __kinomoto_sakura_cardcaptor_sakura_draw...8c545f.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __daidouji_tomoyo_cardcaptor_sakura_draw...89feca.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __kasuga_ayumu_and_mihama_chiyo_azumanga...38c26f.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __princess_tutu_princess_tutu_drawn_by_n...4539d3.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __kaname_madoka_mahou_shoujo_madoka_magi...0158d9.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __tsukino_usagi_sailor_moon_and_super_sa...dfd4c6.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __index_toaru_majutsu_no_index_drawn_by_...5d6ad1.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __ryuuzaki_umi_magic_knight_rayearth_dra...a816f2.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __tainaka_ritsu_k_on_drawn_by_namori__sa...10f28b.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __shampoo_ranma_1_2_drawn_by_namori__sam...f602f7.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __izumi_konata_lucky_star_drawn_by_namor...324619.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __ayanami_rei_neon_genesis_evangelion_dr...bf1a90.jpg]
(Larger version)

[Image: __lina_inverse_slayers_drawn_by_namori__...279ee7.jpg]
(Larger version)

Okay, she probably won't be showing up until Arc 2... but I didn't want her to get angry because she was left out. Everybody else is already in the Metacontinuity.
Oh, those are great!
(03-25-2022, 08:58 AM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]I was looking through Popular Artists Draw Other Copyrights and found a very large collection of other people's characters as drawn by Namori (the creator of Yuru Yuri). All of these have been reduced to 3/5 size - see the "Larger version" links below the images for the full-size copies.

I picked up a couple series to watch recently: Comic Party, because they live in the Jersey residence, and Yuru Yuri just randomly.  It turns out both of them have doujinshi authors in them, and both have episodes at Comiket-ish places.  "Comiquettish" looks better, doesn't it?  But only Yuru Yuri has a crowd of entirely women at Comiket.  Namori probably spent a lot of time behind the tables there.  Anyway, weird coincidence.

I did meet one guy who was the lead organizer for an annual conference at Tokyo Big Sight -- but not Comiket, it was a computer conference.  I only know him because he went to conferences in the US.  And I never got a chance to attend his, because it is a lot of work to put together a program for a few thousand people.  And eventually, he got married, and wanted to do that instead. No one else wanted to step into his shoes, so the conference ended.  I'm kind of in awe of people who can organize big events like that because that is definitely not my thing.
Another one for the Obligatory Beach Episode. Yuuno can teleport out of Vita's way, right?

[Image: __akemi_homura_kaname_madoka_miki_sayaka...24b69d.jpg]

Double-size copy here
We're going to have to do another Halloween story in Arc 2, once the bigger groups start showing up.

Or, at least, once the school ships have shown up.

[Image: __tsukino_usagi_akiyama_yukari_oono_aya_...32e578.png]

So, I was thinking that there are likely to be some situations where power armour is necessary, but giant mecha are too big...

If you go down to the woods today,
You'd better not go alone!
It's lovely down in the woods today,
But safer to stay at home!

-- "The Teddy Bears' Picnic"

[Image: __bonta_kun_full_metal_panic_and_1_more_...d74775.jpg]


And that makes me wonder if the Hundred Acre Wood got (or will get) transplanted into the Metacontinuity at some point.
Discovered this image pool, and my immediate reaction was: "Ben! Sosuke! This is not Kantai Collection! Stop giving the girls weapons rigging! ... Okay, Niiko can keep hers."

Images here are at one-quarter or one-half size - larger copies are available in the image pool.

[Image: __misaka_imouto_and_misaka_imouto_10032_...d5abbd.jpg]
(Hey, it's canon! At least, she had this particular cannon in the movie; the rigging is new.)

[Image: __index_and_sphinx_toaru_majutsu_no_inde...a4fc6f.jpg]

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_toaru_majutsu_no_index_a...8b215e.jpg]
(Yeah - twin railguns. From the comments: "Isn't the point of a mecha-upgrade to give a girl a power she doesn't ALREADY have?" / "I can't fully understand, but the text is about repeat-firing and auto-loading.")

[Image: __shirai_kuroko_toaru_majutsu_no_index_a...f1170f.jpg]

[Image: __ikamusume_and_mini_ikamusume_shinryaku...e203be.jpg]

[Image: __akemi_homura_mahou_shoujo_madoka_magic...5b657a.jpg]

[Image: __illyasviel_von_einzbern_prisma_illya_a...cc5781.jpg]
And now I need some advice.

I need to distinguish between characters who will be wearing the same outfits in a scene, and thought "why not use their signature colors?" I found the above while looking for Kuroko's signature colors.

Apparently, Kuroko spends so much of her life in her school uniform that she doesn't have signature colors.

[Image: __shirai_kuroko_toaru_majutsu_no_index_a...1abb67.gif]

So... do I go with an outfit in the same color pattern as the Tokiwadai school uniform, or go with kuro (black) to match her name?

Also discovered while looking for Kuroko's apparently-nonexistent signature colors - give this girl a hobby other than chasing after Railgun. Presumably she became interested after visiting New Jersey. (Note that her outfit here is in the same color scheme as the summer version of her school uniform.)

[Image: __shirai_kuroko_toaru_majutsu_no_index_a...7b5a5e.jpg]

Reduced to one-fifth size; full-size copy here

EDIT: Okay, maybe this isn't "a hobby other than chasing after Railgun" after all -- "Oneesama, listen to my song!"

re-edit: Quoting a friend of mine: "Gotta give the artist props for making the axe a Fender Telecaster. Usually people don't draw those unless they're doing a take on the cover photo of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run."
Quote:(Hey, it's canon! At least, she had this particular cannon in the movie; the rigging is new.)

So.... It's cannonical?

Heh.  Love the rigging.

Funny thing is that they do something similar in Nanoha Force with something called a Strike Cannon.  Damn thing is bigger than Nanoha.

The technological synthesis that's gonna be going on will be something to behold.

As for Kuroko...  You could borrow Asuka's color scheme?  Only with a bit more black.  She is a red head as well, and with red hair ribbons, too.

In fact, I could almost hear Asuka now...  "...Okay, I'll admit, you make it look good, and you have your own spin on it with the drill-tails.  Even I can't pull that off because the Japanese gene for straight hair runs pretty strong in my family."

BTW: that gif of Kuroko is one of my favorites.  There are going to be times when that girl has Benjamin in absolute stitches.  She won't mind too much because she knows without a doubt that he cares about her enough to even feel a bit guilty about laughing.  She'll just get hers by razzing him about his own love life.  Wink
While looking for images of Chiyo-chan for something else, I found fan art where she's all grown up. The proper tights with a skirt look works well on her, in my humble opinion. The bare midriff, not so much.

[Image: __mihama_chiyo_azumanga_daioh_drawn_by_h...8338b9.jpg]
Why don't we see anybody do this in a shesha-do match? (Arc 2 for TNB, of course.)

[Image: __mihama_chiyo_azumanga_daioh_drawn_by_p...30d568.jpg]

(Reduced to half size - larger version here)
Because Sensha-Do and Tankathlon do not permit infantry.  Tongue

As for the midriff...
"Oh no!  My midriff is showing!  Is this another growth spurt!?  I always wanted to be taller, but this is getting absurd!"
BA isn't the only one looking ahead and planning out characters... but this is the first time I've found an image that suits anyone on my list. One-third-size copy here; full-size image at Pixiv or Safeboru.

[Image: __original_drawn_by_ensinn__sample-36b9a...b75d97.jpg]

Natsuko Kazakiri (風斬 夏子, Kazakiri Natsuko) gets her interest in computers from her father (and her big sister's girlfriend), and her wings from her mother.[1] Nobody knows where she gets her eyes or hair from, but with so much of Hyoga's post-transformation genetic sequence still undocumented even after all these years,[2] little things like Natsuko's personal appearance not matching that of either of her parents didn't surprise anybody. She's Hyoga's first child, and Rob's fifth.

When she was younger, Natsuko filled the role of "everybody's favourite little sister",[3] which sometimes annoyed her actual little sister... but Natsuko and Akiko have long since outgrown any sibling rivalry on that accord. Natsuko is growing into a fine young woman, but at this point in her teenage years she still considers herself to be a work in progress. Sure, she's going to follow in the footsteps of her dad and her almost-sister-in-law Kazari and work with computers, but how? Security? Programming? Data analysis? Documentation sounds boring to Natsuko, so she won't directly follow in her father's footsteps. For now, she's beta-testing the games that "aunt" Konata works on.

Of course, she hasn't neglected her other studies. Math is easy for Natsuko, and so is first-aid (which dad and Ami-mom both insist everyone in the family needs to know). Sociology is hard; being the daughter of the consort of a Sailor Senshi means some people want to be in her circle in order to reap the benefits thereof instead of wanting to be her friend, and Natsuko hasn't learned how to reliably tell the difference yet. And, much like her "aunt" Usagi at that age, she's having trouble with Canadian history.

Sometimes her parents worry that she's becoming a hikikomori - a "summer child" should be playing outdoors, after all - but this is unfounded parental worry at work. Natsuko actually gets out and interacts with other people almost as much as her sisters do.

Natsuko's favourite colour is red (and she likes the red jacket that Mii-mom gave her so much that she wore it for this picture), her favourite flower is the peony, her favourite food is strawberries, and her favourite marine animal is the dolphin. She does not like to tan her skin; her swimming is confined to the family's pools.

[1] She doesn't have an alternate form; her wings are always present.

[2] Washuu-chan wants to take Hyoga's DNA sequence apart, trace what does what, and just maybe figure out how to make angels of her own, but something more important always gets in the way.

[3] In fact, this portrait of her is titled "Imouto".
I am not suggesting that this actually happen in the Metacontinuity, since she's never shown any interest in Ben in the way that she'd end up getting caught in his wish. Nor has she ever mentioned that he reminds her of her sempai.

But isn't she just so gosh-darn cute?

[Image: chibi-mako.jpg]


EDIT: This one, however, I can see as happening during the 2016 Christmas Party.

[Image: 2004christmas.jpg]


More by the same artist - Saku Takano - here. Mind that there's at least two NSFW images in the collection.

RE-EDIT: One for the Obligatory Beach Episode: Mako-chan turns all the heads.

[Image: mizugi-mako.jpg]

Considering how much music there is at Douglass Gardens, I was going to use this image for Mokona's wiki writeup... until I discovered that the re-use license involves a license fee. We don't have a budget for that.

Link instead of embed, because of that re-use fee
Translation requested, please...

[Image: __kinomoto_sakura_tsukino_usagi_and_sail...0589f2.jpg]

[Image: __mizuno_ami_kero_daidouji_tomoyo_and_hi...b5b6b5.jpg]

(Source one and two)
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