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Good point, both of you.
Also, she's rocking out a classic Hatsune Miku outfit. Big Grin
Finally found somebody who drew the K-On! girls realistically and didn't forget to give Mugi those Audrey Hepburn eyebrows.

Shoumaru's collection on e-shuushuu - the realistic images are near the end of the list (which, as of this posting, is only two pages long).

Since e-shuushuu doesn't like hotlinking, I've attached reduced images of the pictures.

[attachment=301] [attachment=302] [attachment=303] [attachment=304] [attachment=305] [attachment=306]
Oh, those are great.... even though Yui's face looks too thin.
Found another artist who's good at more-realistic artwork: miura-n315. (Not as realistic as the last batch - his versions of Lafiel and Maetel looks a lot like canon Lafiel and Maetel, for example - but still more realistic than the usual anime art styles.) Not a perfect artist - I wouldn't have guessed his Yomi was Yomi if I hadn't been told, but still pretty good.

miura-n315 has 21 pages of art on Safebooru, so here's reduced versions of some of the characters we care about, and only one image per character (which makes a difference in some cases).

I trust we all recognize these two:

Folks might not recognize Rin Tohsaka without her usual red top:

We're eventually going to care about Record of Lodoss War, right? Smile

(I almost broke my "one image per character" rule for this one, but I figured only Keiichi would get to see her that way normally. Yes, safe for work.)
Found another one by Shoumaru  on Safebooru. (He(?) has more, but they're of characters that aren't in the Metacontinuity yet. (But if we ever decide to include Joshiraku, Nichijou, or Steins;Gate, well ...) And it looks like Shoumaru was going through a phase when these were done - images before and after the set are more traditional "anime style".) Linky, but take note that Safebooru is not always Safe For Work.

Does her costume really need work?


Larger copy now on the wiki.
I was looking for images of Ami in a t-shirt, and discovered this one by "kotikomori":

[Image: __mizuno_ami_bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon...f17f9b.jpg]

Wrong type of t-shirt for the project I wanted it for(*), but the right sort of outfit for spring or summer in Ottawa. The artist's note is "I wanted to draw them as if the story takes place nowadays." Which was six years ago, but that's still newer than canon.

Since the artist said "them", I went looking for the rest of the set... and found more than I was expecting:
See the list of everything Safebooru has by kotikomori for more characters, including the other famous Rei, and Misato.

(*): Sailor Mercury as Freddie Mercury. (Yes, for the Douglass Gardens Sessions.)
Found another artist I like: "errant". 456 images on Safebooru as I post this, including a series of 100 summertime pictures of Azusa Nakano (alone or with a band-mate). So there's no reason to not give the K-On! girls descriptions when we get around to the Obligatory Beach Episode.

"errant" knows how to draw people wearing more than just a swimsuit, too:

[Image: __nakano_azusa_k_on_drawn_by_errant__e14...38e0e8.jpg]

Scattered throughout that virtual shrine to Azusa are some images of other characters in the Metacontinuity...

[Image: __akemi_homura_mahou_shoujo_madoka_magic...d241b4.jpg]

[Image: __hirasawa_yui_k_on_drawn_by_errant__e4a...9e9958.jpg]

[Image: __last_order_toaru_majutsu_no_index_draw...529740.jpg]
(Not quite as good as the other images, but it's the only one I found of Last Order in the collection)

And as soon as I saw this one, I knew it had to go into the Metacontinuity as a scene in and of itself... which is why the blonde girl now has a wiki page. I'll admit this one makes me smile ever time I see it.
[Image: __saten_ruiko_and_febrie_toaru_majutsu_n...d66abd.jpg]
Why do I get this feeling that Febrie is gonna be everyone's favorite Little Sister?  Seriously.  It's like someone piped Tsukino Usagi through Sasami Masaki-Jyurai and made her even younger and cuter!
(10-06-2021, 01:45 AM)Black Aeronaut Wrote: [ -> ]Why do I get this feeling that Febrie is gonna be everyone's favorite Little Sister?  Seriously.  It's like someone piped Tsukino Usagi through Sasami Masaki-Jyurai and made her even younger and cuter!

Well, not quite everybody's favourite Little Sister, because of events in her backstory... Sorry, Washuu-chan, but Febrie's never going to trust you.

But, yeah, Alicia Testarossa has a rival for "cutest displacee" now.
Remember that fan art of Hokago Tea Time and Wakaba Girls playing together? I found the artist's collection on Safebooru. (There's more on Danbooru, apparently... so don't visit this link while you're at work.) The artist likes the anime-only characters from K-On!... but they aren't in the Metacontinuity (yet).

First batch (of three): K-On!

Something for consideration for the Obligatory Beach Episode:

[Image: __akiyama_mio_nakano_azusa_hirasawa_yui_...ff103e.jpg]

Something for Valentine's Day:

[Image: __hirasawa_yui_and_kotobuki_tsumugi_k_on...cfca87.jpg]

Mugi visits Ottawa?:

[Image: __kotobuki_tsumugi_k_on_drawn_by_shian_m...4e7032.jpg]

Sexy summertime maid cafe... maybe I should just leave this one as a link.

Sweater Girl Yui... because of the lowest button being unbuttoned, I'll just leave this one as a link, too.
Third batch: other folks (mostly from Academy City)

Another Valentine's Day image ("Tuck your blouse in, young lady!" "Aaaaw, Roooob-oji..."):

[Image: __saten_ruiko_toaru_majutsu_no_index_and...3ae362.jpg]

For God's sake, you two - hold hands, already!:

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_and_kamijou_touma_toaru_...034275.jpg]

Sure, Mi-Mi, we can put a pool in the back:

[Image: __last_order_toaru_majutsu_no_index_draw...0dbafe.jpg]

My Horse is a Motorcycle:

[Image: __artoria_pendragon_and_saber_fate_and_2...a6b0bc.jpg]
Quote:Something for consideration for the Obligatory Beach Episode:

Ah, geeze, of course I have to take everyone at Douglass Gardens to Seaside. Or Long Beach Island. Or Point Pleasant Beach. (opens up notes file, types furiously)
New image resource...

So a few weeks ago I discovered the Russian imageboard Joyreactor.cc and have been speeding my way through it looking for interesting stuff (at least, that I can understand, given how much is in Cyrillic).  Anyway, I just discovered they have some 920 images for K-On! alone (as of today) on their anime subsite, dating back to March 2010 -- here's the first/oldest page.  And it's just a matter of searching on other show names -- in Latin characters, not Cyrillic -- to find stuff for them.  (The oldest Sailor Moon image on the anime subsite is actually a parody of Iron Man, with Tony Stark getting into the armor done as Moon's transformation sequence.)

So anyway, I figured folks might find it useful.

EDIT:  Oh, and I probably don't need to say this, but it is an imageboard.  Expect the occasional NSFW content.

EDIT2:  Browsing the K-On! images, and I know we have an album cover for Ritsu's EP already, but this struck me as something we can bank for future need:


(Resized down from a simply massive original.)
It's amazing what one can find on Safebooru when one looks for "Triangle Heart" instead of "Lyrical Nanoha"...

All dressed up

[Image: __takamachi_nanoha_and_takamachi_miyuki_...afbb50.jpg]


"Raising Heart! Paintball Mode!"

[Image: __fate_testarossa_takamachi_nanoha_raisi...798083.jpg]

Hey - a new-to-me pool of official art! Oh, it's mostly swimsuit shots, so not really useful for the wiki. But there's this one, which for TNB I'm thinking is the new girl at the closest Whataburger to Westwoods who took the job on the off-chance a certain sergeant shows up. (That's a reference to something we're working out on the wiki.)

[Image: __kay_girls_und_panzer_and_1_more__sampl...5a406b.jpg]

Larger version here

Speaking of official GnP art, the girls do clean up nicely in these illustrations.
Given who Sakura's Father-in-Spirit is, and that she has Tomoyo as her fashion designer? That probably would be Sakura's wedding dress.
In an alternate TNB, where somebody very dear to her landlord ended up elsewhere and very dear to a different landlord... and then discovers what he notices first about a woman.

In mainline TNB, this might happen if for some reason she thinks she's somebody else... but that would take something even worse that Drosselmeyer-level interference.

Spoilered for size:

Original here
Something a bit Different,

[Image: F39cmuml.jpg]

Henrietta Street, in Dublin. 7 Henrietta Street is on the Right, the building with the 4 windows.
Arc 2:

[Image: __koyama_yuzu_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_...5b7249.jpg]


"Koyama-san, I can see the stars in your eyes. And we have a ship that needs a helmsman..."
(10-21-2021, 06:25 PM)Dartz Wrote: [ -> ]Something a bit Different,

[Image: F39cmuml.jpg]

Henrietta Street, in Dublin. 7 Henrietta Street is on the Right, the building with the 4 windows.

Thank you, Dartz.
This one's now on the wiki page for the Montreal residence.

Fan art by Asazuki Norito. Definitely not a meeting from canon, but completely possible in the Metacontinuity. From left to right: Medea of Colchis, Rin Tohsaka, Artoria Pendragon, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Sakura Matou, and Medusa.

[Image: __artoria_pendragon_saber_tohsaka_rin_il...35d8ea.jpg]

Larger copy available here
Arc 2.

"I thought that old stereotype about what Canada is like was long gone, but I guess I was wrong. You really didn't need to dress up as Anne of Green Gables to come visit, Miho."

[Image: __nishizumi_miho_and_anne_shirley_girls_...bf438c.jpg]

An alternate "realistic" version of Mio. Not part of a series, alas.

Link to Safebooru. If you're going to look at the artist's other work, do it from home - even the "safe" stuff is a bit NSFW, and the stuff that Safebooru doesn't show you is definitely NSFW.

[Image: __akiyama_mio_k_on_drawn_by_sukizo__29a7...38acad.jpg]
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