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Finally found (fan) art of each of the Amazoness Quartet (as opposed to all of the Amazoness Quartet): Cere-Cere, Palla-Palla, Jun-Jun, and Ves-Ves.

I haven't created wiki pages for these four - that's something Brent can do once he has a better idea of when they're going to show up - but I have replaced the placeholder images on the "Sailor Senshi" page with these images.
Dropping these two by Takeuchi Takashi here so I don't forget about them:

[Image: __artoria_pendragon_saber_fate_testaross...c4e89b.jpg]

Reduced to 14% size. Original here.

[Image: __fate_testarossa_and_takamachi_nanoha_l...770d6e.jpg]

Reduced to 66% size. Original here.

We'd need a few more old-school magical girls in the Metacontinuity before this one could happen:

[Image: __sakura_kyouko_takamachi_nanoha_kinomot...ab4b45.jpg]

To quote the first comment for this image, "Ikuhara DID say he shipped Usagi/Rei"

[Image: __ayanami_rei_and_tsukino_usagi_neon_gen...db147a.jpg]
So, are we handing out Star Seeds to get our numbers up during Arc 2?


[Image: __kinomoto_sakura_sailor_moon_sailor_mer...e4bac8.jpg]

EDIT: I'm not sure whether I agree with the artist's choices for equivalent Senshi here. Sure, Sakura is Usagi, no question. And I suppose Naoko's an acceptable Ami, beeing the most bookish one of the five. But... Rika's the elegant one; I would have made her Rei. And Tomoyo's a singer, so she should be Minako. Chiharu gets Makoto almost by default, but she is willing to take physical measures to get Yamazaki to shut up.
Just discovered another new-to-me artist who appears to like the older works: "tsunemoku". The images on Safebooru are big - I'm reducing them all here. I'm also saving the best for last.

Arc 4 in TNB, because it would take at least a half-decade for Rei Ayanami to look like this.

[Image: __ayanami_rei_neon_genesis_evangelion_an...cf50e5.jpg]

Most Ranma/Sailor Moon crossovers are "fuku fics". Is there a name for the equivalent Ranma/Evangelion crossovers? (Besides "seiyuu connection", of course.)

[Image: __ayanami_rei_ranma_chan_and_hayashibara...d85b67.png]

And we know who these five characters are. Akane Tendo, Naru Osaka, Rei Hino, Ami Mizumo, and (saving the best for last) Makoto Kino.

[Image: __tendou_akane_ranma_1_2_drawn_by_tsunem...d11280.jpg]

[Image: __hino_rei_bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon_d...5b48f0.jpg]

[Image: __oosaka_naru_bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moo...90b545.jpg]

[Image: __mizuno_ami_bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon...b8fa45.jpg]

[Image: __kino_makoto_bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moo...f8ad30.jpg]
Reason number (COUNTER-IS-BROKEN) for not having everybody show up in the same place: Avoid classrooms looking like this one

[Image: __kinomoto_sakura_tsukino_usagi_kasugano...77c675.jpg]
Okay, that's interesting...

I had reason to look up the closest internet cafe to Gulfside Rest. I found it - it's a Starbucks - and I also noticed the closest burger place to Gulfside Rest, too.

Both are marked on the map below. (The residence itself isn't marked - take the bridge that runs off the bottom of the map to get there.)

Now, where have I seen that burger place's name before? (innocent look)


Even though they originated here in Texas (and is literally considered a "Texas Treasure" - I'll snap a picture of that here soon), they've been in Florida for a while.  That said, they've been expanding quite a lot as of late.  You may want to check on when that Whataburger was built, just to be safe.

(One recently popped up like a daisy in place of a shitty lease-to-own auto lot near my place.  Thank God, that auto lot was a cancer.  I looked at a Saturn S-Series sedan in hopes of supplementing our motor pool here once, and those bastards wanted the Blue Book Value of the car just for the down payment!)
(11-02-2021, 01:21 AM)Black Aeronaut Wrote: [ -> ]Long-haired Rei Ayanami looks gorgeous.

* Black Aeronaut slams down a stamp, leaving a bold, red mark that reads "APPROVED"

Here's another long-haired Rei.
I got a Trojan warning from that link

[Image: rDlo2ga.jpg]
Must have been from an ad. I never surf unknown sites without an adblocker, for just this reason
In Oxnard we have an A Burger. It was a Whataburger some 30+ years ago, but the chain retreated from California. It’s a quarter mile down the road from Poster’s Donuts, which is only one paint stroke away from Foster’s Donuts, a local chain. Life, uh, finds a way.
Behold, the seal of approval!

[Image: ED1D06E4-9997-4C74-93AE-E7B44C10B0F5.jpg]
Watanabe Yasuaki has done some realistic images - let's see what we can use. (switches from Danbooru to Safebooru, watches half the collection disappear) Yeah, lots of NSFW stuff in that collection.

Rei Ayanami cleans up nicely, when she wants to.

[Image: __ayanami_rei_neon_genesis_evangelion_dr...3c19e5.jpg]

An entry in the "let's all re-draw that one pose" challenge from a year ago

[Image: __tsukino_usagi_and_sailor_moon_bishoujo...0e4145.png]

Aliens are expected some time in Arc 2, right?

[Image: __lum_urusei_yatsura_drawn_by_watanabe_y...a9dee4.jpg]
(09-24-2021, 07:57 PM)Bob Schroeck Wrote: [ -> ]Oh, those are great.... even though Yui's face looks too thin.

How about this one as a replacement?

[Image: __hirasawa_yui_k_on_drawn_by_ebi_eeotoko...09d811.jpg]

Artwork by "ebi (eeotoko)"

More by the same artist (but not the entire collection) - I'm providing links instead of embedding them all because there are so many...

Starting with K-On!:
* Yui, again
* Ritsu
* Mugi
* Mugi, again - don't fall asleep there! (The second-best image in this collection, IMO)
* Mio
* Azusa

Moving on to Madoka Magica:
* Madoka and Homura
* Madoka and Miki
* Homura
* Miki
* Mami
* Kyoko
* Kyoko, again

Next is Evangelion:
* Rei
* Asuka

Then we visit Acadrmy City:
* Mikoto
* Kuroko
* Kuroko and Kazari
* Index

Finally, we fast-forward to arc 2 and visit a school ship:
* ♪ Спи, младенец мой прекрасный, Баюшки-баю..... (the best image in this collection, IMO)

Other artists do realistic images, too.



[Image: __manabe_nodoka_k_on_drawn_by_dotechin__...3c3895.png]

* Mio
* Kazari Uiharu


Sailor Senshi (image reduced to half size):

[Image: __tsukino_usagi_sailor_moon_mizuno_ami_a...214f57.jpg]

* Luna in human form
* Sakura Kinomoto

Jason Peng

Cinder Fall:

[Image: __cinder_fall_rwby_drawn_by_jason_peng__...f1826f.png]


[Image: __misaka_mikoto_toaru_majutsu_no_index_a...b25b17.png]

And some one-off realistic images:

* Chibiusa, by Guozi Li
* Hotaru, by "moonselena"
* Usagi and Luna, by Robyn Lau
* An older Sakura Kinokoto, by "Kuu"
* Li Meilin, by Peiyu Zhou (I'm assuming we're going to see her eventually...)
Okay, since you called me out, yes, I like the Yui illos. <grin>
One for the Obligatory Beach Episode, where Kuroko uses her intelligence to catch Mikoto's eye:

[Image: __misaka_mikoto_shirai_kuroko_and_uiharu...f46653.jpg]

Artist's comment, translated: "Umm... it's as I feared, this is too bold in a bunch of ways..."

Why are you dressing like Emma Peel, anyway? (I know, I know; as the writer, it's my job to answer that question.)

[Image: __saten_ruiko_toaru_majutsu_no_index_and...08179b.jpg]

(Image shrunken to one-quarter size)
Perhaps she just wants to hear a certain someone say, "Emma hafta peel ya outta that..." in a breathless way? Wink
I decided to give myself a challenge: What show is least likely to have fan art of the characters done in realistic style, and does it actually have that fan art?

Well... the answer to the second part is "yes":

[Image: __hiiragi_kagami_and_izumi_konata_lucky_...95d311.jpg]

Now I want to put them into the Metacontinuity somewhere... maybe as classmates of the teens at Blossom or Douglass Gardens.
I seem to recall somebody mentioning "dance battles"...

[Image: __ahiru_princess_tutu_fakir_rue_princess...51d2e7.jpg]

Even if Rue does deserve it (I'm a bit ambivalent about that, what with her being actively raised to be a villain in the first place), I'm pretty sure the reason why Ahiru is getting perfect 10's all around is because the view from behind.  Tongue
Mmm, I was gonna say, Rue's really only a villain for the first half of the show, and then you start finding out why and it's just... Well, not (MSLN) Fate's situation exactly, but in some ways yes. A similar doseage of hugs is needed.
One of the ways that the Misaka Sisters will differentiate is to let their hair grow, or not.

In TNB, this will eventually be the look that Kokono Misaka (10339) adopts - quickly if somebody gives her a hair-growth boost to bring her hair back to about the length it was when she came out of the clone tank. Reduced to 40% size from the original:

[Image: __misaka_imouto_misaka_imouto_10032_s_ca...865da2.jpg]
So... Intelligent Devices for non-Nanoha characters:

[Image: __misaka_imouto_toaru_majutsu_no_index_a...ca333b.jpg]

Okay, so she's carrying a "God Arc" (whatever that is) from a game called Gods Eater Burst. It's probably a perfectly good stand-in for a Weapon-type Armed Device or a Weapon-type Intelligent Device - it isn't as if the image is canon, anyway.
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