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Full Version: If the Muppets were a D&D party
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Miss Piggy of course would be an exotic warrior princess from distant lands, tough and strong, wielding a heroically oversized sword, and (just for her Kermie!) clad in tasteful yet scanty armor. Gods help anyone else who deigns to comment and arouses her wrath! No one tells her that means "Barbarian," they just let her roleplay and Kermit keeps track of her character sheet.

Kermit, definitely a Bard - he's the Party Face and general social glue or lubricant as needed, plus can actually sing at the table without getting dice thrown at him.

Fozzy... I'd guess a Ranger? The problem is that (per The Muppet Movie) his natural habitat is a Studebaker, so ion a preindustrial setting without auttomobiles he's just a semi-inept all-rounder with a few gimmicks.

Gonzo is a Monk, because he's a Weirdo so it comes naturally. Camella the chicken historically accurate velociraptor is technically Fozzie's animal companion, but he's not the kind to argue about two friends who find love together. With no Rogue otherwise, she's probably granted trap-handling by fiat to keep things moving when that comes up.

Sam the Eagle is undoubtedly a Paladin, possibly a variant that gets Glide movement upgradable later to Flight and aerial maneuvers instead of a special mount and its upgrades.

The extra numbers can mostly make up for a lack of arcane damage output but that still leaves them super-light on healing, so Scooter, ever the reliable support staff, probably gets tapped as Cleric. Quite likely as a DMPC, because who else is going to be keeping track of this madness?

If he's not, then Waldorf and Stadtler are probably co-DMs. Please Scooter, it's okay for you to have a party member as well! Let them just hang out on the couch and kibbutz as usual, like a Greek Chorus of spirits following the group around for their own amusement!

Special Guest of the Week is probably Quest NPC of the Week, either as a client or temporary member or a Wizard who just doesn't have a consistent characterization or even name. Honestly, letting them be arcane casters so they can fling a few flashy spells while not disrupting the usual melee much probably fits too, and spell selection can be used to play to their individual personality and style.

And Dad fell down (not to worry, he's not injured, but it takes a while to get him off the floor) so exploring the concept further has gone by the board for the moment. Don't let that stop you if you have ideas for a different compoisition or how they'd fare in various classic adventures, though.

e: Dammit, I have no idea where I was going with now Confused