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Full Version: Anyone know what's up with fanficauthors.net?
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As of late, it's been down, and is actually throwing this error:

Quote:Internal Server Error

Exception: Invalid domain fanficauthors.net

    in /home/fanficauthors.net/src/FanficAuthors.php at line 161

#0 /home/fanficauthors.net/src/web.php(411): FanficAuthors->getDomainByName()
#1 /home/fanficauthors.net/src/web.php(90): RequestHandler->checkSite()
#2 /home/fanficauthors.net/src/web.php(26): RequestHandler->handleInternalRequest()
#3 /home/fanficauthors.net/lib/http.php(63): RequestHandler->handleRequest()
#4 /home/fanficauthors.net/public_html/index.php(28): httpApplication->run()
#5 {main}

I haven't seen any notice that it's gone offline, and no one else here has mentioned anything about it in a while, so, just wondering.
Seeing the same. Reason unknown. On the other hand, going to https://jeconais.fanficauthors.net/ does work and render ok.

So, if you know the names of the specific authors of interest to you it may still work.
Huh. That's weird. But good news, I guess?