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Full Version: [OOC][Art-planning] 3d-art resources and talk
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Because this doesn't fit nicely anywhere else - some place to talk about taking off-the-shelf resources and turning them into art for TNB.

Keep in mind that I use Daz Studio, but I have the filters that allow use of some resources for Autodesk or Blender.

Has anybody seen a Turkish TV series called Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu? I found out after the fact that I bought a 3d-art outfit based on an outfit from the show. That doesn't mean I can't use it in TNB, of course - it just means that whoever wears it in Arc 2 while visiting the fantasy Earth is cosplaying, not being original. Considering that shade of green has become her signature colour in fan art, the "somebody" will probably be Ruiko... unless somebody thinks the outfit would look better on somebody else. (And, of course, I could always change the colours.)

Speaking of 3d-art resources... if anybody sees anything in the over 11,000 items here that might work for a displacee or manager, let me know - just provide the link to the individual character/skin-shader/clothing/hairdo/prop/etc and tell me who you think it's good for. (For example, "This hairdo in blonde, if you can make it longer, would be great for Sailor Moon.") No promises, since I have to pay real money for these, but it's possible I might be able to do something with a few of them.
(04-07-2022, 01:05 PM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ](For example, "This hairdo in blonde, if you can make it longer, would be great for Sailor Moon.")
At full extension, the twin-tails don't even reach her waist. And there's no "pink" option for using it on Chibiusa, either. Oh, well. At least it was on sale when I bought it. (EDIT: And I just noticed it's the hairdo of an original character that I plan to bring into the setting some time during the first story arc.)

Changing characters...

I know it was my idea to have Sora Hasegawa buy an old Mini Cooper and rebuild it, but I can't find any Mini Cooper 3D models except for 3D Max - which is so heavily proprietary that it's practically impossible to convert resources from it to Daz Studio. I found a Volkswagen Golf hatchback that I can use... with European plates, so that'll need a quick fix.
There is use for it yet.

A common thing Japanese women will do is to cut their hair short when they have their first child. The reason for this is two-fold. First, it's a symbolic sign of a life-altering event having taken place in their life. (Short hair = New Beginning and a Fresh Start) Secondly, infants tend to be very grabby, and long hair always winds up being within their reach.

So, if Usagi has a child later on, I could see her not wanting to cut her hair at first... and then after the first week... Snip-snip-snip.
Why is the length and (even more so) lack of an included pink version an insurmountable obstacle? If the user license is actually so restrictive you can't alter or even recolor something you've "bought" in their cash shop, well, I'll just say that I find that deeply offensive and complete justificat9ion to continue dismissing any thought of using any and all of their products.

I mean, I'm not one of those delusional "I'd never work on proprietary software" FOSS zealots who can apparently live on air and good intentions, but that's getting up there with "software as a service" and just short of totally-not-gambling lootbox mechanics.
I tried re-colouring it pink - it came out auburn. But I've since picked up a few more colour options, so there might be something I can use that will let the pink come out as pink.

As for the length... "everybody knows" that Usagi has very long hair. I need to work with people's expectations - I can't explain every time that, no, this isn't because of some sort of issue with the user license.
Pffft.  You shouldn't have to "explain" it.  I mean, putting the Doylist explanation in the concordance is fine.  But if people want to know, tell them to read the damn story.  It's a lot more entertaining that way than just having you explain it.
Say, that's an awfully yummy looking donut someone left just lying around. It sure would be a shame if no one ate it before it went stale...

[Image: WZFkuNW.png]

Google Drive link

edit 2: (see v2 link below)

e: I also have the version from before applying a subsurface modifier, and therefore with ~1/4 the polys if you want it.
(04-09-2022, 09:47 PM)classicdrogn Wrote: [ -> ]Say, that's an awfully yummy looking donut someone left just lying around. It sure would be a shame if no one ate it before it went stale...

Something for Jun Suzuki's apartment, once I get to Douglass Gardens. Thanks!
Quoting myself so that this is in the same place as related posts...

(02-16-2022, 08:39 AM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]Dropping this link here for future image work, once I get around to somebody who's a mechanic. Hey, it's free.
Big Grin

Actually, the donut is another of my Transformer models, using one of three not-ripping-off-official-Cosmos ways I came up with for a little UFO to transform, and the only one which still works without at least a dorsal dome, though it does require a mini partner to turn into a head in this or the closely related whoopie pie configuration. The pastry versions are what I figure official mods and supermods would use if I ever actually got things together enough to have something approaching an online multiplayer game.

Actually modeling the robot is proving a bit difficult as I keep getting interrupted by fits of giggling and ideas for how to make the headmaster partner turn into a seifuku (mixed with big kimono-style sleeves) clad catgirl instead of the usual big blocky armor, but having fun with it is the point after all Smile

If the base form is useful for you or someone who finds it on your free stuff archive, even better!
It just came to my attention that you forgot to put your own name or handle anywhere in the download. I know it's CC-0, but some people still like to give credit where credit is due...
Oh... I suppose I should fix that, or I'll never get internet famous!

I'd say "eh, it's just a donut," but after getting curious and searching for other free ones it seems I put a lot more effort into modifying the torus primitive than most people bother with, even if I didn't want to go too crazy so it could still be retrofitted into the other transforming versions. Dun wanna mess with it right now, though, I've got a groove going.
v2 Yummy Donuts, now also including double chocolate, plain, jelly, Boston cream, a whoopie pie, AND an about file! Woo!

[Image: 5JtPMTR.png]

Google Drive
Again, thank you! Jun will enjoy having a selection of donuts.
Huh, importing the v2 donuts .dae in Blender 3.12 instead of 2.79, the pink frosting is 100% on the "metallic" slider for some reason. Anyone else see this? I never figured out the interface changes from 2.8 on despite opening it up now and then,t(o look at it and cuss about the right and left mouse buttons getting their functions switched just for starters) out of a yen for the newer features.
Quoting another post to get it into this thread.

(12-10-2021, 11:45 AM)robkelk Wrote: [ -> ]OOC: Oh, I like this 3D-art environment - and I can customize the walls. Think I'll use it somewhere in Blossom... maybe for Mimi Hanyu's apartment's front room.

* robkelk works my discounts, including using a one-time-only coupon

Yay! Free environment!

In a later discussion between myself and BlackAeronaut, he suggested this be used for Rei Hino's apartment.
Ooooohhh, new hairdo for sale today and I'm pretty sure I've seen that 'do on one of the taller Sailor Senshi. Half-price for me, and I have enough store credit to get it. (grabs)
We're still looking at a post-apocalypse Earth showing up in Arc 2, right?

If we aren't, then I just blew $6.59 on Wasteland Mining Truck - a big truck with weapons mounted all around and a small camp set up in the truck bed. No interiors for the camp, so we can furnish it with some comfortable Starfleet-tech or Washuu-tech and not need to actually rough it.

Oh, and use a photo from this collection on Wikimedia Commons for the render backdrop... especially if we use Starfleet-tech inside the mobile camp. Smile
oooo, that a neat design!
My, but the polearms in this set look familiar...

* robkelk works the available discounts - 75% off for the next half-hour

Yeah, I'll have that.
Yeeeaaah... Selling models based on a famous media property without an actual license. Totally not shady at all there...
Correct: Totally not shady. "Based on" is not "copied from"; if it was, this entire subforum would be in deep trouble.
You're not selling anything, though.

Victorian-era butler and maid uniforms were on sale today. So I'm one big step closer to being able to render a hell of a character...
Who gets the Pretty Moon Axe? I’m gonna say Pallas because if anyone is a yandere axe murderer it’s her.
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