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Full Version: Knight Saber City (Feat. The Protomen)
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You would think that Bubblegum Crisis AMV's are something that just ain't made anymore. You would be wrong.

Beautiful, isn't it? Nevermind that the song is a perfect choice -- The Protomen are some of the most BGC-ish sounding folks around -- but the cuts! The rapid cuts, the pulsing of light with the music, the choice of shots, the fact that the AMV isn't just using one long clip of something that happens for very long. It's so good. It's just so good.
The other thing is that the footage they use is very clean and not looking like it is old from other videos you see even in the DVD of the anime.
NEat and well-done video. Thanks for sharing this one.
Oh, yeah, beautiful crisp footage, great music. Thanks for sharing it!