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Full Version: {Working Draft} Vulpine Fury's Puppetworks
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From the Tagline on Vulpine Fury's E-mail:
----- Vulpine Fury's Puppetworks --------
Bleeding Edge 'Wavium Animatronics since 2011
2004 Atlas Park Drive, Kandor City, Luna
The man known as Vulpine Fury [occasionaly called Eljay by close friends from pre-Diaspora] was one of the folks who got tarred with the "terrorist" brush early on during the US 'Wavium crisis. He lost his job, his home, and an extensive pop culture collection to overzealous investigators from Homeland (in)Security. With a waved Dodge Neon and the clothes on his back his only possessions, he worked simple labor and service jobs during the founding of Kandor City.
Assisting these folks, he discovered his niche for working the wave: Puppetry and Telepresence. He's been able to work up simply amazing android bodies, but he's never been able to create an AI sentience.
His shop is on a fairly bustling street in Kandor, and visitors get a strong sense of whimsy from what's on display, and the Helpstaff.
Folks who were fortunate enough to experience Jim Henson's studio while the great puppeteer was alive find similarities in VF's decor: Traditional puppets in unusual materials, startlingly lifelike animatronics staring glassily, and the four-foot tall anthropomorphic fox telepresence VF uses as his public face in his shop.
His highest profile puppets have been the Motoko Kusanagi telepresence rig from KandorCon and the head of Dee's android body. His general skill at overcoming the "Uncanny Valley" has led folks to believe that VF was biomodded into a Muppetlike form from his shopkeep telepresence. This could not be further from the truth.
VF is a pretty straightforward stereotypical Elder Fanboy, unmodded as yet. Thick around the middle, receding hairline, ancient t-shirt from THAT Con, affable and friendly, yet also very hermitlike.
His puppets' signature quirks include the fact that he cannot awaken an AI in his animatronics, no matter how complex.
Vulpine Fury's telepresence system involves bike helmets and medical EEG leads, producing a neural induction interface with FTL messaging to the computer running the puppet's animatronics.
On either side of his shop are an old-fashioned diner and a well-stocked book store. Across the street is a park-like area filled with Statuary and the most expensive lawn known to humanity at the time of its installation.
As of the start of OGJ, his current project had been his latest doomed-to-failure "Gepetto Attempt." That is, he was attempting to awaken an Android AI.
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll