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Full Version: Hey - Drenriven. About your ship...
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I'm putting this here because it does not belong on the ships thread, as it is not a ship description.
Drenivian... I'm sorry. Your ship is broken and wrong. You need to fix it. I will enumerate.
First thing: there are no metatalents here. There are biomods, but these are *not* the same thing. Biomods are a physical and/or psychological change. They cannot give you anything that can't be explained by science. Tentacles and catgirls? Yes. Precog/TK? No. Berserker states? If it's supernatural enough to be called a metatalent, it isn't a biomod. If it's just "get really angry off of a strange custom cocktail of internally generated chemicals" then that works as a biomod - but it wouldn't work on anyone who already had a biomod, and it would last for the rest of the person's life. That's a *really* big warning label you'ld have to slap on *any* sort of employment offer if you didn't want that same berserker rage turned on *you*.
Second thing: The inexplicable modifications: If it's a paint job, then that's seriously pushing the effects of local handwavium. If it's a paint job being run by a set of onboard AI-driven robots or some such, that's fine. If it's anything more than a paint job? No. Sorry. The handwavium doesn't do that. One of the first rules: "You cannot show the handwavium a picture of your genre vehicle of choice and have it just make it for you."
Third thing: the base hull: Where on earth did you *find* such a thing? I've never heard of one. It sounds like a hull designed for space, which means that you *wouldn't* find one on earth. You'ld have to actually construct it yourself, which means that its accuracy would be limited by your abilities at construction and the money you had available. Exactly the same issue, worse and more of it, applies to your "Supplimentary mecha". You have to build those things individually, and they take large quantities of time, effort, and money. Also, especially at the scale you're talkign about, it's not really something you can keep under wraps anymore - and so you're going to get the Danelaw pounding at your door somehting fierce *well* before you get it off the ground. If you're not making it on the ground? Well, that presents its own difficulties.
Fourth thing: Money: Putting together the hardtech part of this would require *huge* amounts of cash, even going Full Kludge Ahead (and soaking down the tremendous masses of Quirk that would result.) Where are you getting the money for it all? Especially with two sister ships?
Fifth thing: do you *really* think that the US is going to be cool with having a major 'wave-based corporation in the middle of Lake Superior? Especially one that spawns biomods like they're going out of style and seems to be equipped for war? The most recent administration got *elected* on the back of anti-handwavium sentiment.
Sixth thing: Why, why, why would you build an enormous mecha-carrier as a science vessel? This is fenspace. The bigger you are, the slower you crawl. Science/research vessels generally are big enough to carry an appropriate research payload, along with appropriate researchers, and that's it. If you're feeling paranoid, you might throw in a bit of defensive kludgetech, but not anythign that would take up much mass, and *certainly* not a bunch of giant robots.
Seventh thing: Hardtech scientists cannot trust wavetech data. The quirk makes it far too unreliable. If you're building a scientific satellite for them, that means that you have a company with both a serious wavetech and a serious hardtech presence. This is... nontrivial to justify, given the history. Remember, we're pretty much working off of current truth. If your company isn't big enough to have a web presence/news articles/etc in the here and now, then it's not that big on the cusp of in-game 2007 either. Admittedly, there's a *bit* of fudge-factor there - the split happened a short while ago - but it's still a decent rule of thumb.
Um. Well...
Yeah. I'm with Sirrocco on this.

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Sorry, then I mis-read something. My bad. I'll re-work or just drop it. Sometimes, I just get going on an idea and then Gundam hits me in the head.
I kinda sat down after reading the thread, had a small idea, and then watched an episode of Gundam Seed. not a good idea. I did't know all the little ins and outs of this so I elaborated, and apparently found the max I could go. Ideas and imagination only go so far when you don't know theoritical maxes.
Will work on fixing. or just ignore me.When engaging, nothing beats a full frontal.
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It happens.
I've been arguing for a week to be allowed to have something much less powerful than a mecha carrier. You might want to look at the bunfight Sirocco and I got into in the main thread, think about what both of us yelled past each other, then scale your plans down a few notches...

-Rob Kelk
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Scaling back so your ship is, say, a few cargo containers welded together inroughly the right shape and supplemented with detailbits like an out sized scratbuilt model, and your Gundams armored space suits. The pseudo-psi is actually easy, for some reason anyone who gets bio-modded while aboard gets 'waved WiFi compatability, letting them exchange mental communications as audio streams, or (with equipment programmed for it, aka "psycommu equipped") interface directly. Let the other two ships be little drone
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or conversion car stand ins with plans to upgrade later.
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Internal WiFi would certainly be doable as part of a biomod - but it would have to have a downside, too - and the further you could reliably communicate with it (the better the signal, the less lag, etc, etc, etc), the more downside it should have. "Great! I can leave my walkie-talkie at home!" is pretty cheap. Near-instant coms across a small stretch of the trackless void transmitting detailed pictures of the local battlespace for tactical coordination? That's a bit more expensive. Near-instant comms across more than an AU, with full realtime sensory transmit? That'll cost you an arm and a leg. Literally, if you wanted to take it that way.
As a rule of thumb, if it can be duplicated (or close) with current, inexpensive, off-the-shelf hardtech, it's minor, and should be treated as such. If it's more than that - well, it depends on how much more.
Mind you, the fact that someone with the appropriate rig could hook into and hack their mind without their consent *would* count as something of a downside, if you wanted to go that route. Other than that, just remember that biomods should always be at least a little random, and preferably more than a little. Having onboard wifi (with advantages and disadvantages) always show up somehow or other as a result of a ship quirk is fine, but you'ld want it to hit different characters in different ways - and not necessarily just to their liking. Certainly not to their intent.