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Full Version: [meta] Village of Hidden Asteroid Secret Architecture Technique
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(another page of a book locked in a vault)

The Village of Hidden Asteroids turns out more gifted martial artists than anyone else on Earth. Part of this reason is because of their curriculum, their
dedication to their art, and their sheer amount of hard work.

A highly secret technique of the Hidden Village is because they used handwavium in some of their martial arts dojos/kwoons/whatever. The influx of martial arts
students and teachers focused on studying and progressing in the martial arts influenced the handwavium into lending a helping hand.

Those who mastered the martial arts of the Hidden Village were often greater masters than those on Earth. It was more that the dojos gave them greater insight
into their art than anything else. This benefit only applied to the masters as one needed to work hard to gain the great insights. A student of the Hidden
Village would be at the same level of those on Earth. Those masters who did gain insight managed to create special secret techniques unique to the Village of
Hidden Asteroids.

One of their more esoteric techniques developed in this manner is a fifteen minute meditation described as recovering their strength of will and setting them
back on their way of the ninja. Effects observed so far means that it's easier for them to recover from mental attacks and are less shaken by frightening

A physical technique demonstrated by a Russian version of Mighty Guy was roofhopping in which the Guy used precisely only the amount of energy needed to launch
him onto a roof. He then proceeded to roofhop all the way to his destination This appears to be a common mode of travel in the Village of Hidden Asteroids. .

Of course, the founding philosophy of their source series is teamwork. Every team when sent out on a mission has trained together and knows what one another is
capable of, and how best to combine one's abilities.The body language and hand signals of chunin and jonin are capable of carrying on a combat-relevant
conversation with someone else while talking to you verbally. This last appears to be more a function of their philosophy rather than the architecture.