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Full Version: SS Pinafore's Post-OGJ Normal Itinerary
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Rather, this will be a tentative list of ports-of-call.
Terra: Of a personal preference, Captain Corcoran will try to land/pick up passengers as close to the United States as current politics will allow. In times when handwaved vehicles are allowed in US Airspace, if he doesn't have to cater to the whims of a particular client, he prefers to "land" at Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire, so he can see his family. When money drives the decision, however, he usually takes on passengers in New York City, Los Angeles, and Saint Petersburg, Florida. In more reactionary climes, Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver.
Luna: Port Tranquility and Kandor [I think they're far enough apart "globally" to merit seperate trips]
Mars and Environs: Port Phobos, with Shuttle Service via the Pearl Forrester and Angela, Tabitha Doe's converted 1985 Checker Cab.
The Belt: Liberty. This is usually a crew stop, and the passengers are usually known enough by the crew at this point to decide whether they're allowed to visit.
Jupiter: This is usually a fly-by en route to...
Saturn: This is as far out as the Pinafore usually gets on a normal Gondolier run. In fact it's the most paid-for destination for the beauty of it.
Venus: Usually Crystal Tokyo unless the passengers have a more specific destination in mind.
These are, of course, subject to change.
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