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Full Version: Self-defense training...aka 'Holoemitter Combat 101'
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I'd already mentioned giving Ben's daughter Mayonaka and Noah's daughter Helen holoemitters for gifts, and that I'd put up my idea of
training. Here's the first session when the Jason is actually showing the girls what the things can do. Timeline is iffy - rob, Ben, any idea when
you'd want this set? I'm not sure what ages you'd think would be appropriate for this. All of this is dependent on your OK, of course. We
haven't seen too much of the girls yet, so I'm not sure how you want them to behave. I did mostly exposition to show my ideas on the use of a
holoemitter in self-defense combat, so I didn't have to have them react too much. If you think anything needs changed, please let me know. Kibitz away.

*chuckle* This is most likely early 2020s. At some point the Jason will probably be developing his own martial art style - one that DOES incorporate a Combat
Holoemitter skill. Still working on the details of that.

The Jason grinned at Helen and Mayonaka as they came into the room he'd set up for training
them. "Hi, girls. Ready to learn how to use those holoemitters I gave you?" They smiled back at him, Mayonaka almost bouncing on her toes. He
wondered if Ben had let her eat too much sugar again.

"All right. First things first. Today I'm going to focus on the main reason I gave you
the emitters...so that you can protect yourself if anybody tries to hurt you...or tries to get to your parents through you. Most of the stuff I'll show you
today is to be used only if you're in danger...most of it. I'll let you have fun with a few things. But...this is serious. If somebody does try to hurt
you, you've got two primary objectives. The very FIRST thing you do is make sure they can't hurt you. To do that..." He looked at them
seriously. "You do this: Shields up!" He called that last out firmly, startling the two girls as a shimmering force bubble went up around

"This will help protect you. It's for emergencies only, though. If you use it...your
emitters will ALSO transmit a homing distress signal to your parents. You can probably imagine what will happen if they found out you used it for a joke or the
like." Mayonaka winced, and nodded. "Um...yes, I've got a good idea." The monkey-boy grinned at her. "Good, I see that you do. Go
ahead, and try this out. For the training session today, the signals won't go off." Helen started first, calling out the activation phrase, then
Mayonaka...and both were encased in shields of their own. "The shields will move with you, so you can run while you have them up. That's the SECOND
thing you will do, and I want you to promise me that. Until your parents say that you're ready to handle things on your own - and good luck getting them to
agree to THAT any time soon - your main goal after getting the forcefield up is getting away from whatever made you raise it in the first place. Promise me
that, OK?" I stared at Helen first, and she nodded as spoke, "OK, Uncle Jason." Mayonaka gave her promise as well.

Nodding, the Jason grinned at them. "Good. Now...to make it easier to get away, there are
other things you can do. First...let's have a few thugs to demonstrate on. Iris? If you would...?" The air shimmered to one side, and a band of
rough-looking men appeared. "After you bring up your bubble, here's the next thing to do. You can do this even as you're starting to run." As
the holographic thugs approached, the boy chuckled and called out, "Slaw!" On the floor around the men, translucent marbles appeared
everywhere. Most of the ones who'd been advancing immediately went down, slipping and sliding. One thug who hadn't moved had a gun, and was starting to
aim it - not seeming to notice a glowing red cap that sealed off the barrel. "Freeze thugs." The scene froze in place.

Mayonaka frowned, looking over at the Jason. "Slaw?" He grinned back. "Short
speak - a lot faster to call out, and confusing enough that pretty much no one will recognize what you just did. Once you put up the forcefield, the emitter
goes into combat mode, so you can use short commands at will. This command stands for 'Murphy's Law...' - the slaw in question - '...is now in
effect.' Visible guns are sealed shut, and the marbles are put down to trip your opponents. And even better - the effects are normally invisible. I'm
running things visibly today so you can see what's happening. Ready to go on?" They nodded, looking curious.

"Let's leave things frozen for a moment. There are a couple effects I want to tell you
about for when you're running. And these ARE ones that I'll leave open so that you can have them for everyday use. Of course, if you mis-use them,
you'll still have to deal with your folks. The first two are used just to hide. First....Casper!" The boy shimmered, going nearly invisible,
just a transparent image of him before the two girls. "This will grant full invisibilty outside of training. Ghostbuster." He

"Next...this is best if you're not moving...not as difficult for the emitter. Use it if
you get far enough away that the thugs can't see you for a bit, and you can stop in a spot that's out of their path." Leaning against the wall, he
snickered. "Karma karma!" His form blended into the wall, only a bare outline visible. "Chameleon effect. Again, it's a lot
stronger outside training." He cancelled that as well, and then laughed. "Next one sounds really weird, but it's even better if you're
running and they're trying to shoot at you. Watch..." He started walking away from the wall, speaking as he moved. "Squidcat." He
seemed to split, a transparent copy continuing to walk forward while a solid-looking form continued while moving off to one side, until the two were walking
about three feet apart. Their motions were totally in synch, even as they turned and grinned. "The transparent copy is the real me...the solid one is a
fake. Anybody aiming at you will start aiming at a point where you're NOT standing. The bubbles should protect you, but why not throw in a bit more just
for luck?"

The two girls glanced at each other, then turned to the Jason and asked in unison,
"Squidcat??" He laughed and nodded. "I'm duplicating an effect from an old D&D monster....called the Displacer Beast. It looked like a
panther that had tentacles. So...a cat that's part squid." He cancelled that effect as well as he watched for reactions. Both the girls rolled their
eyes. "Yeah, yeah, I know....I'm weird." They both nodded, smiling at him. "You don't have to agree so quickly, you know." Helen
smile brightened. "Yes we do, Uncle Jason."

He shook his head in mock-sadness. "No respect. ANYway...these next are for combat. Use
these ONLY if you can't get away for some reason - if they're surrounding you or blocking the exit. I'll demonstrate by fighting the thugs....and
then you can ask questions afterwards. Ready?" The girls nodded, and the Jason turned to the frozen thugs. "Start 'em back up, Iris." The
ruffians unfroze, the one with the gun tried to fire...and the gun barrel exploded. He yelped, clutching his hand. As thugs got to their feet, the monkey boy
started calling out commands. Jabbing forked fingers at the nearest thug, he barked "Moe-Ray!" Translucent force-fields shot from his
fingertips to jam into the man's eyes, who immediately howled and shielded them with his hands. "Nastier version uses sharp points, girls. Won't
show the full effects now but...scissors!" He jabs his fingers out again, and another thug grabbed at his eyes. "From one Stooge to
another..." He pointed at a thug and called out, "Curly!" A force field vise clamped down on the man's crotch, anchored around his
waist. He uttered a rather pained-sounding squeak and went down in a ball.

The Jason was getting into the full swing of things, even as the remaining thugs advanced.
Pointing at two of them, he gave the command 'Richard!' Translucent bubbles shimmered into existence around their heads...skintight ones that
completely blocked noses and mouths. Muffled noises could be heard as the pair tore at the fields. A third got 'Thomas' thrown at him, and
that thug immediately started to claw at a constricting band that shimmered into existence around his throat. "You can also do this once you're
running, to delay them even more. Hogtie!" Bands appeared on wrists and ankles, connected by force-field ropes. Ropes that immediately
contracted, jerking the thugs wrists and ankles together. Thugs went down like trees at a lumberjack convention. "However, the emitters have a limited
range and strength, so this will only last until you're out of range..and if there are a lot of them, it might not be strong enough. At least, not to do
this AND protect you with the force bubble. That's why you need to know all of the different things you can do. Even though it looks safe, there might be
others around...so keep running to the safest place you can get to. Your folks, if you know where they are, or the nearest people you know you can

He turned to regard the girls closely. "We can alter the commands to ones that you prefer.
I want them to be ones that are easy for you to remember." He grinned. "And if you come up with anything you think might work, let me know. I'm
always interested in trying new ideas. So...ready to try your hand at this?" The pair smiled at him and nodded, and he grinned back. "And once you
get these down...I'll give you a reward and show you some things you can use the emitters for, things that are just for fun...and mischief. Though if your
parents asked, you didn't learn them from me." That turned the girls' smiles into grins, and Mayonaka looked especially happy at the thought. The
Jason snickered as he spoke. "I thought you'd like that."
Oh yes. Definitely approved, at least with a bit of grammatical tweaking. (^_^)

Hrm... Want to give her pet a specific name. Something ominous that hints at what she is to become in the future.
Looks good to me, too.

Since Helen's a normal girl (at least until she hits puberty and a variant of her mother's biomod manifests), she'd have to be at least six years old in this scene. She may be as old as eight. So it'd be set in 2021-2023...

(Either way, her nanny/tutor/bodyguard Yomiko would be along for the trip, but not present during the training session unless she's invited to take part. I recall the Jason having a Yomiko on staff, too - R. Yomiko Readman and H. Yomiko Readman could be comparing notes somewhere else on Yggdrasil at the time.)
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Ahhh. In that case, either Ben, Gina, or both may be around as well... Heh. Fun thought: Ben and Gina having random Panzer Kunst sparring session on board. Of
course, just to make it an even challange for Ben, Gina's also doing a mock-raids with The Jason's girls. (^^)