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Full Version: A quick question on a biomod idea...
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I have a biomod that I've been wanting to use for a character in my stories - a Wolverine-based biomod, basically. Metal-reinforced skeleton, rapid
healing, and the claws. There is NOT enough metal in the human body to pull it off easily - even if the person in question was chibified, I don't think
there would be enough extra mass from the original character to compensate. The Jason's own reinforcements were less metal and more organic-based - carbon
fibers grown in place and interwoven in the bone structure and muscle density altered...and in that situation, not only was he chibified, but he had a lot of
extra mass to start with to scrounge for materials and energy. The person I'm considering for this mod doesn't.

Now...one view of handwavium is nanotech, and it certainly seems able to act as such. While it wouldn't be able to conjure metal out of thin air, does
anybody have a problem with metal that's in direct skin contact with the person while they're being biomodded being slowly absorbed as a resource?
We've seen non-living prosthetics - even fake cat ears, once, I believe - absorbed and altered to be made real, so I think this would be reasonable. Does
anyone object to this being used? I don't plan on going overboard with either it or the healing factor; the healing will actually place quite a load on the
body if needed; it doesn't draw power/materials out of nowhere. The last factor was the claws. We've seen new structures grown in biomods before, so
I'm hoping people don't think it would be too unreasonable?

I just wanted to run this idea by people before including it in the story that I wanted to write. Please, let me know if anybody has problems with it?
It doesn't contradict any of the established guidelines for 'wavium and as you've pointed out we've seen it do similar or even stranger things
to people. And considering the number of characters or approximations thereof who've been 'waved to life making someone into Wolverine isn't
pushing the limits.


The Wolverine: "Imagine a 40-pound ferret with a personality-defect

who has been raised on a diet of anabolic steroids and weapons-grade

PCP, and you've just said something unbelievably rude about his mother.

Now you have to get him out of the trap" -- Tanuki in asr.
Feinan, the Catgirl machine was the result of someone trying this very thing, so I don't see why not...

Just, I think the wave made the Catgirl Machine because its creator wanted to do a "Weapon X" Stalinesque "Volunteer" program...
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll


The Catgirl Machine was a much more complex process, however. This would be going from scratch, without any implants or things attached to smooth the way.
That's the real reason I was wanting to run it past people. That, and the metal being absorbed for use through skin contact. I didn't think it would be
too big of a problem, considering some of the things we've seen...but it never hurts to ask.