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Full Version: Challenge for the Collective: What's Ganymede like?
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We've been posting far too many Inspirational &c sites and far too few original background ideas lately, IMHO. My excuse is that I'm busy writing chapter 3 of Legend of Galactic Girls (status: only one major scene and the entire interlude are outlined but remain to be written), and Comrade Fnord has a couple of stories on the go, too. But I don't know whether anybody else is doing anything creative with Fenspace at the moment...

I thought a focused project might be in order, to get the creative juices flowing again. The fact that I'm going to need some of this background for a future chapter of LoGG is quite intentional coincidental, really.

Here's what we've got so far.


"Ganymede isn't the Belt, there's a lot of connectivity between the domes here, mostly for safety purposes. It's actually helped keep things under control a little out here, keeps the pirates from raiding the outlying settlements if they know the militia's five minutes from anywhere, right? The moon's not as tightly wired as you guys back in cislunar, or even around Mars, but trust me; if a dome went dark all of a sudden, the Browncoats would know." - Comrade Fnord, in FTL Newsfeed #235

The largest moon in the Solar System.

Known Places on Ganymede
  • Serenity Valley (capital)
  • Whedonite domed towns
    • Little Jakarta
    • Shadow
  • Heinleinian Juvie "farms in the sky"

Not much to start with, but that means there's plenty of room for creativity. Should anybody want to contribute to a Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Ganymede, the thread starts here...
Rob Kelk
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Hrm... Perhaps the location for the soon-to-come Roughrider's HARDIES Base? With all the hardware they'll be fielding, they're going to need one
all their own.
Banzai Institute presence on Ganymede is somewhat limited, since the Institute likes to focus on the relationship between the Fen and the Really, Real World,
but there is a small chapter in Serenity Valley. Like other Banzai Institute centers, it focuses on community, continuing education, and 'Wavium research
(think of it as a local rec center, community college, and think tank). However, with the rather unpleasant news issues surrounding Operation Tango Shoes, the
Institute has created a mandate to stay informed of events happening on the planet. This is mostly done through regular participation in public forums, but
through a regular use of print-on-demand printing and e-book downloads and two 'waved Bookmobiles that run circuits from settlement to settlement,
providing books and literacy training, and serving as eyes and ears on the Ganymede community at large. Post-Great Justice, the Banzai Bookmobile program is
adapted for use for all colonies with an Institute presence, and World Watch 1 (and later World Watch 2) have the ability to produce books via e-book and
Ebony the Black Dragon

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Maybe http://fnord.sandwich.net/fenwiki/doku. ... itamin_man]The Vitamin Man can have a depot out that way -- a warehouse or something in one of the settlements.
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The Jupiter Mining Corporation has their primary Headquarters located in Serenity Valley, occupying one whole dome on the far side of the complex. Also located there is one of their secondary 'shipyards', where one or two Blue Midget freighters are always docked and undergoing routine maintenance, as well as the 'permanent' berth of Starbug 1.

Myk-El Miller "rents" office and classroom space from Jupiter Mining Corporation for his 'Handwavium Safety and Usage Training' courses, when he isn't on the road doing consulting work for FenSpace companies in the esoteric and black art of using 'wavium to not only get reasonably close to what you want, but to also do so without an inadvertent biomod in the process.

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