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Full Version: International Rescue
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"Thunderbird 4 is go!"

Yes, well, I won't say I had that planned, but now that you've stuck the bug in my ear, there's a possibility that International Rescue, Ltd.
could be a legal entity in which the Banzai Institute has invested some capital.
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Ever think more about this, since the DTS says it was from over a year ago?

Definatly there'd be a need for it, and Handwavium would explain a WHOLE lot... including why a lot of Brain's stuff ONLY worked right when IR hands;
as well as some of the more absurd power requirements that just dont feel like they'd fit in the expressed hullform. In fact, the more I think about it,
90% of their backstory COULD be covered with few or no changes... Though one of the points that DOES need deep thought is just how all this affects the design
and concept of Thunderbird 5...
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I'm fairly certain that we'd already confirmed that a "Don Tracey" is associated with the Banzai Institute, but I've been off my
inspiration lately, so I don't recall if anything's been written. As for Thunderbird 5, if International Rescue is Earth-based (like many of the Banzai
Institute projects), then it could be more terrestrial, rather than a space station. If it's more wide-ranging, there's a whold asteroid belt out there
to pick and choose from (the Armory ends up there after Blackstone and Buckaroo instigate Operation Misrule).
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