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Full Version: By Golly, I Think I Got It!
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For a while now, I've been trying to come up with an appropriately fennish way of cracking a problem that has had Gina depressed: the ability for an AI to
reproduce, should they so choose. I know, it's an odd-ball problem, but the Fen are odd-ball people.

It was recently that I found an old email, one about Ben and AC hashing out details over Talons and such (can't believe I forgot about that one!) and
seeing Gina, AC, and Greenwood's interactions got the train of thought rolling and it eventually meandered its way to a hidden crevice in my brain.

How the hell could I have forgotten about Armitage: The Third?

With this bit of precedence, I think that its possible. I'm pretty sure the Handwavium would go for it and besides, would it not be kick-ass to have Naomi
Armitage running around?
The technology actually exists already, just the poor AI that HAD it died before she COULD reproduce. Well, before her "Armitage-type" systems could
work, anyway...

Karen Sorrel -- She was intended as a transhuman android shell for her creator, who was taken by de Leon's men for the Catgirl Mines before she could
finish the process. Karen somehow was "Awakened" by some of Noah's Glasses strain. Her biomimetics were so good that SHE thought she was a living
creature. She died protecting Kandor from a Boskonian raid, just after declaring her love for Vulpine Fury, discovering her status as an android in the

I gotta find a decent amount of Time that I'm not getting interrupted to WRITE some of the stuff on my list...
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
I've always figured Mrs. Sylibus (nee Armitage) was a cyborg cop on Mars, with her Detective cyborg husband. And while artificial wombs were around, the
Third series always seemed to me more bioriod than android and as such (unlike poor Karen) didn't need to be stocked with eggs as the reproductive system
was fully functional.
Foxboy - Never knew about that. Was it something I missed during one of my impromtu hiatuses?

Cobalt - I pretty much figured the same; that the Thirds, save for the underlying archetecture, were about as close to human as you could get. This would be a
system that Gina would favor, as it gives her the greatest degree of 'normality' (as in compared to human biology) as possible.
It's plotted but distracted from "First Daughter of Kandor." Effectively it's something I intended to do but got sidetracked by something
else, like a conlang and "fanfic before the source material is actually WRITTEN" for one of Valles' projects. Or VIIOR. So much CONCEPTUALIZING,
not enough WRITING. Sad
''We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat
them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.''

-- James Nicoll
I feel your pain. (^_^Wink
Anyhow, the thought about Naomi Armitage got me thinking that she would make a wonderful addition to 36 Atalante as their Chief of Security. She would start
out as their proof-of concept. Not to the degree of having her make babies - that's just wrong. Ben wanted a security specialist and criminologist on
hand (better safe than sorry) and Naomi seems to fit the bill.

Another thing Ben wanted to do was show that the Roughriders aren't necessarily war mongers. To that end, he get's Nausicaa. Nausicaa is ideal
because not only is she a girl of action, she also prefers peace over war. Of course, she's not exactly a pacifist and can lay the smack down if she must
- just don't expect to see any 'hard-kills' in her wake.

Ben is considering giving the Base Ops AI, Ruri, a body. If anything then so that Mayonaka will have a playmate close to her 'age' around on base.

Oh, and here's a thought that's potentially win. Remember from Trigun, the cat, Kuroneko-san? Two words: indestructable decoy. Kuroneko-san
doesn't really do anything but draw fire. What makes the android cat so effective is that Jess used her special strain of handwavium on him, so
there's about 200 on hand. Could also make for a good recon scout.