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I mentioned in my Pavonis article that Altimit Corporation offers "Internet and television service." Also, we all know about ZNN, but what about other fen television tomfoolery? I imagine there's a few television networks in fenspace among the moderate to major sized factions.
In light of this assumption, I present one such network...
The Interplanetary Broadcasting Company (IBC).
This particular network started out at Marsbase Sara, but eventually felt overshadowed by competitor Marsbase Broadcasting Service (MBS). They relocated to Sheffield and have since expanded to three channels, IBC 1 to IBC 3. IBC 1 is generally news and educational programming while the other two vary, usually consting of movies, syndicated programs, and material from the Whole Fenspace Catelog.
Just a thing that came to me and I wrote up in about seven minutes. Opinions?
This meshes well with what we've got on the "Television in Fenspace" page on the wiki...
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From the Soviet wiki entry:

Kandor 3

[Image: kandor3titlecard.png]

The Ministry of Communications operates and maintains a cable and satellite television channel, officially known as Kandor 3 but better known to its fans as the Monster Raving Goblin Cock News Network (MRGCNN). Kandor 3 operates on a 24-hour schedule, usually showing music videos, old television shows, the occasional Sandwich Films documentary and the nightly Movie of the Week, a (sometimes pirated) terrestrial production, more often than not with accompanying Rifftrax. The real star of Kandor 3 is the independent news and opinion show The Chewy Gristle Commentary Hour featuring Momo von Satan and the Cock. The Chewy Gristle Commentary Hour stars Momo von Satan (a young woman of indeterminate ethnicity with iridescent hair and an encyclopedic knowledge of profanity) and the Cock (a puppet that looks like a large, glowering penis wearing a bowtie and monocle) who proceed to recap the day’s or week’s events Daily Show-style, with Momo providing acerbic commentary and the Cock bellowing interjections at the least appropriate moment. The show is extremely popular with Nekomi Tech students, and has developed a cult following in places on Earth.
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