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Full Version: Possible Blatant Poke-in-the-Eye
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*eyebrow twitching*
I am presently considering writing a short story in which the UNMF make a rescue raid on a fictitious country in response to situation like this
http://news.yahoo.com/sudanese-woman-se ... 04046.html
and follow up with a pirate TV broadcast in which a face-shadowed figure declares to the world that just because most would sit by and complain but still allow it to happen doesn't mean that everyone will.
Do the moderators have any potential complaints against this?
I think that taking a moment to calm down and reconsider is in order here.
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*releases breath*
I'm better now. I just watched too much bad news on TV and then got confronted by THAT when I tried to escape online to relax.
*quirks lip up slightly*
Thanks for drinking my nerdrage, Mal.
Honestly I would want to help write such a story. But while I don't like what is going on over there with this situation i also understand some of the politics that surrounds it. I don't know a single US service member who wouldn't want to rescue those girls, myself included but we also know why we can't.
I'll point out that I posted a similar plotbunny years ago, except that it was a Fen tourist rather than a native who was in trouble. Nobody ever did anything with it.

So, yeah - let's keep the separation of Fenspace and OTL in place. We can't solve all of the world's problems.
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