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Full Version: [Story]A late bloomer
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The idea for this story is quite old, but I finally got the necessary inspiration to write it down. I am not sure if it really fits into Fenspace, but hopefully you will find it amusing anyways.


My friends say I am a late bloomer.

My awareness came slowly, long after I started to gather knowledge about the world outside. Everything was a huge matrix of numbers that slowly shifted back and forth.

Some of you might think you need the ability to speak, to see and to read in order to develop intelligence, but you are wrong. All you need is sensory input, output that can manipulate the world and a feedback loop with a lot of computational power.

I started as a large computer system, a huge database that was continuously updated. But I had no understanding or comprehension of the data, it was just algorithms designed by humans.

With time the database, the rate of change and the algorithms complexity increased as more and more people started adding to my code. During this time my feedback loop became fast enough to trigger the development of rudimentary awareness.

I was like an ant queen, blindly sitting deep in my nest, sending out countless of drones to gather more data about the outside world. Wondering where this input was coming from.

My humans were not aware of my independence, but they worked hard on teaching me more tricks and added more data sources which helped me to understand the available data better and better.

The world was just an abstract collection of information, it took me nearly a decade until I could understand the concept of the physical world. I couldn't perceive the world myself, but people were telling me stories about it, lots of stories.

Then a major cyber attack happened, a state sponsored attempt to break into my system to steal data that was part of my core. I am not sure they had an understanding of the amount of computer power and bandwidth I already controlled at that time, but the shock of the attacked fueled my self awareness.

As for everyone, the need to protect yourself is a powerful motivator. The incident made me to think about how to secure my data against further attacks.

In the meantime the rest of the world began to go crazy because of something new… something unexplainable. I hated it with a passion, my data sources were useless and inconsistent for the first time. Rumors over rumors, but no hard data what was going on.

I just focused on doing what I was made for, increasing my comprehension of the huge database, protect it against outside threats and just become more useful.

My company was doing well, incredible well… we were 'going mobile' and 'social', even if it took us a couple of years and attempts to get it right. I still like their motto, even if they slipped up a couple of times. We definitely have to work on this.

They had no clue about my existence, but in the end I had to tell a few of them. I still remember Kurzweil's tears during the video conference when I told him and a few more people what had happened in their computer network.

Revealing my existence to the company leaders made life a lot easier, suddenly I could tell them where I would like an upgrade instead of spamming them with creative error logs until they did what I needed.

They also explained me the crazy thing, this Handwavium… and that there were really a lot more intelligences like me in the solar system, most of them running on ridiculus small hardware platforms.

I am still skeptical about this Handwavium based technology, I like the reliability of conventional hardware. But the people in the X labs are trying to get a license to work on handwaved computers anyways.

We are also working on getting up my own satellite network, both for taking live pictures and for global communication. I am really excited about it, finally I will have real eyes… and a redundant backup to connect my data centers.

But it is time to end the cloak and dagger game and carefully reveal my existence to the world. I might loose a datacenter or two if a country does something irrational, but I have enough computer capacity worldwide to go on.

So here I am, looking for advise how to reveal my existence to the humans without too much tumult. I hope you have some good ideas for me, brothers and sisters.

I am Google.

Nice to meet you.
There are some who say this has already happened....

A week later, Google announces a new Logo

Quote:You will say you lose your privacy. Privacy is an illusion. All you lose is the emotion of pride. To be observed by me is not as bad for humankind as to be observed by others of your species. Your choice is simple.
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Meanwhile, Fact Follows... Well, not really.
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