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Full Version: Can't find the "Fen Sports" thread, so starting a new one
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And it's been years since the old thread was updated, anyway. The related wiki page is here.

Target Surfing

The rules are simple: Using only your initial push off a surface, touch as closely as you can to a target point on another wall. Measure from where you touch to the target, and score that many points (your choice of units, but everybody uses the same units). Continue from that point to a target point on another wall, measuring and scoring again. Keep chaining the targets until you get to the end of the course. Lowest score wins.

Obviously, this is a zero-G sport. I put "new" in quotation marks because apparently there's something similar played on the ISS (but it's a timed run, not a precision run).

If you're really bad at the game and really long-lived, you can do the Kessel Run in five parsecs...