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Full Version: [Open] The Zenith of Things. And Other things.
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I should not have posted this while blind drunk. Maybe I'll try come up with a better way to do it. For the time being, leave it below in the spoiler box.
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Let's setup a pirate pad so we can collaborate on this a bit.

Here, we can use this one: http://piratepad.net/MUoGNWSRdp

When do you think you'll be on?
I've made some notes. Sleep will be mandatory within 2 hours and then I'm gone until this time tomorrow with work and stuff. Maybe 2 hours in teh mornings...

Anyway. IT was more that I wanted to reframe the entire thing in a more interesting way. Rather than just Jet announcing "I'm doing this awesome thing, like me", reframe it through a public lens again. Probably Maico Tange reporting on the going's on in May/June - some usual things - Venusian Scandals in the runup to an election, an incident in the Belt involving the Knight Sabers, NameTBDCon is officially named that because of a paperwork narf, 2 More Lensherr Stellarators being found with safety deficiencies. Acrimonius arbitration between two major claimants over an asteroid ominously named 1914 Princip or something, And Jet announcing the ZOTT funded with Grey's bounty because she's not sensible or efficient with investing money like AC Peters....
--m(^0^)m-- Wot, no sig?