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Full Version: The Day Today. May 17th, 2025. Issue 3175.
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Subj: The Day Today. May 17th, 2025. Issue 3175.

Todays Headlines:

Talks break down in Princip dispute.

Talks between the Galactic Republic and the Ministry of Magic on Odyssey Station broke down today with both envoys departing the Station without reaching agreement.

The dispute between the Republic and the Ministry at 1914 Princip began after Republican Stomrtroopers where dispatched to enforce a Corellian Mining Company claim on Princip. This claim had been originally issued and ratified by Republican Senate in 2018.

A Ravenclaw Foundation research outpost had since been established on the asteroid.

The researchers refused landing permission to Republican forces and advised that any attempt at landing on Princip would be treated as an attack. A standoff ensued, with both parties accusing the other of piracy.

Councillor of Law, Draconia Talon has made the following statement.

“Raven's Rest was established lawfully under the Wizarding doctrine of adverse possession of unwanted and unattended property. “ She went on to state that the Corellian Company “had ample time to contest the claim before the Wizengamot and that it was their own fault for ignoring their own affairs anyway.”

A spokesperson for the Corellian Company had this response.

“...[Princip] represents one of the highest concentrations of scandium ore in the Main Belt. The Pirates of Princip are acting in direct contempt of a Senate ruling. This is a violation of company property rights and is to be treated as such”

Republican Fleet Command has refused to comment on recent fleet movements, stating only that the departure of the Star Destroyer 'Tatooine Sun' was in accordance with a previously scheduled patrol.

Queen Serenity II has publicly called this a 'potentially disturbing development' and has issued as statement supporting the Ministry’s position.

A source within the Rockhounds has stated that, while the company has yet to adopt an official position on the dispute, a delay of several years between survey, claim and exploitation would not be unusual.

Both Factions are still claiming legal jurisdiction over the asteroid. The matter has been placed up for arbitration at this year's Convention.

Related Analysis from Malalcypse Fnord's Monthly Poltical Roundup.
“Morons seem determined to take every opportunity to escalate a simple dispute over some damn foolish thing in the Belt rather than deal with it like the adults they pretend to be. Again.”

The Trial of Asmodeus Grey

Debate still simmers after last month's arrest of Asmodeus Grey as an emergency SmoFCon called by Noah Scott ended without resolution, the con committee disbanding today having failed to reach consensus. A venue for the trial, a fair and balanced format, and even a potential punishment have yet to be decided. Space Patrol sources have confirmed that a full and complete charge list is still to be finalised and may yet take some time.

Leader of the Roughriders, Benjamin Rhodes, has already publicly called for a swift execution.

Speaking as herself, Yayoi Fujisawa spoke against capital punishment, suggesting that Grey may yet be capable of reversing the catgirl effect.

Liberty city council has tabled a special motion for consideration at this year's Convention to host the trial.

Grey is currently being held in a secure location without bail.

For further information on this story, click here:

Venusian Parliamentary Elections Controversy

Controversy once again dogged the campaign of Prime Minister Yoko Kayabuki who was again forced to refute claims posted on the Jezebel of Justice website that funds initially allocated for the modernisation of the ageing Hornblower fleet had instead been redirected into a series of kickbacks to known administration supporters.

In response, Prime Minister Kayabuki has called for an investigation into possible Boskone influence on the election, calling the accusations “A malignant campaign of falsifications that bore all the hallmarks of an organised assault on Venusian democracy”

Leader of the opposition Emi Kusadasi has issued a short statement.

“This unprecedented situation requires a thorough and impartial investigation once the election has run its course”

TMP Chief Inspector Ten-Joh has refused to comment on any ongoing investigation, or confirm if there is or isn't any ongoing investigation, stating only that 'Matters would be investigated as appropriate'

Prime Minister Kayabuki has been on the back foot since the Justice Party, in conjunction with the Independent Alliance, were able to successfully defeat a vote of confidence in Kayabuki's government following the arrest Asmodeus Grey, triggering an immediate election.

More details Here:

Fusion Reactor Safety in question.

Two More Lensherr HPCT1500 Stellarators have failed mandatory ARSE safety testing and have been placed under a mandatory shutdown order. This brings the number of reactors deemed unsafe to a total of seven with a further five under a watch advisory.

Chief Evaluator Stolyarchuk has issued the following statement:
“As a consequence of neutron embrittlement of the heater coil material, it was found that the heaters may potentially operate at a reduced efficiency in the event of an emergency quench, extending the heat-up time of the coils beyond the reactor safety margin.”

Investigators have also confirmed that a heater coil malfunction is one possibility being explored as the initial trigger of the accident on Frigga – but that 'significant operational and cultural factors' were also at play which exacerbated the initial malfunction.

All seven shut-down reactors, and the Frigga reactor, were constructed prior to the general release of Whole Fenspace Catalogue, and are of a type no longer in production.

A full technical analysis of the fault and how it may have triggered the reactor accident can be found on the blog “Man versus Atom"

Confirmed Knight Saber appearance

The Knight Sabers have launched an operation on Mars against an as yet unknown target in the vicinity of H.G. Wells station

This sighting has been corroborated by multiple confirmed social media sources. A photograph of the KnightWing was taken from a Federation Shuttlecraft

This marks the first confirmed Knight Saber sighting in six months.

More details under “Scoop Chase”

Inter factional combat 'tournament' proposed.

Former troubleshooter Jet Jaguar has issued a short statement released today on her personal blog, announcing the establishment of a new Last Order foundation, with a charter to promote interplanetary cooperation and cross-training by hosting an tnter-factional tournament for combatants.

“To make sure that none of the hard lessons we learned fighting the Boskone are forgotten, the Grey bounty will be used to establish the Last Order foundation.

Last Order will organise a regular inter-factional combat trial and tournament - The Zenith of Things Tournament.”

Questions on the exact format of the tournament, or what resemblance it may bear to its fictional counterpart have gone unanswered.

Original fictional source. Zenith of Things Tournament.

Convention 2025 finally named. Bids for 2026 Convention finalised.

NameTBDCon has been officially entered into the register for this years Convention, after months of disagreement.

Proposed bids for Convention 2026 have been received from
36 Atalante (Organised by Chatty Corvid LLC)
16 Psyche (Organised by Greenwood Events Management Corporation.)
125 Libertatia (Organised by the FurStar Convention Committee)
77 Frigga (Organised by Motorcon Committee)
10 Hygiae (Organised by the Committee for Public Entertainment and Events)

A full listing of bids and their supporters can be found on the Convention Authority website.

New Motions to be Discussed at NameTBDCon

The following resolutions have achieved the required number of signatures to be adopted for discussion at this year's Convention.

The Convention Authority to amend the articles of Convention to lift restrictions on sub-surface Europan settlement and exploitation.
Brought by: Neo Atlantis and Fushigi no Umi
The Convention Authority to increase funding to enable provision psychiatric assistance to registered former combatants of the Boskone War.
Brought by: Private Member
The Convention Authority to issue a statement supporting the elevation of AC Peters to the rank of Sailor Mars.
Brought by: Venutian Justice League
The Convention Authority to provide for grant incentives to replace all fission and neutronic fusion, nuclear reactors currently in operation in large settlements.
Brought by: ARSE Committee
The Convention Authority to amend the Articles of Convention to explicitly permit the use of the catgirling machine as a last-resort life-saving method under the doctrine of least harm.
Brought By: Private Member
The Convention Authority to amend the Articles of Convention to explicitly outlaw the future use of any Catgirling Machine under any circumstances.
Brought By: League of Public Defense
The Convention Authority to establish formal diplomatic relations with the newly independent Commonwealth of Scotland.
Brought By: The Scottish Society of Mars
The Convention Authority to support Liberty City's bid to host the trial of Asmodeus Grey
Brought By: Liberty City Council and Catgirl Industries.
The Convention Authority, sub-committee for Anime and Manga cultural events, to invite Vic Mignogna as guest of honour
Brought By: Parliament of Amestris

A full list of motions are available on the Convention Authority website


That wraps up this issue of The Day Today. The comment's section is available below for civil discussions only.

Until tomorrow.


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