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Full Version: Apologies for Absence
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I've been struggling for time on my shared computer lately, and also getting sucked into my fourth major FPS game ever: Half-life 2. [Other 3? GoldenEye, Perfect Dark and Portal]
I should be back around some time later in the week...
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I _really_ liked HL2. The fact that I upgraded my computer to the point that HL2 was a 'trivial' application may or may not have anything to do with this.Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979
Not a problem, Foxboy. We all vanish and come back from time to time for various reasons. We all have shifting priorities and lives that change the level of demand they impose.
No one need apologize for that.

-- Bob
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I understand the feeling.
I should take this opportunity to explain my lack of game time myself. I've got the WoW bug again. Precipitated I believe by the acquisition of the Lord of the Rings Extended Widescreen Special Edition DVD sets and watching the trilogy again. Ah yes. Not the biggest fan of traditional fantasy am I, but when you have THAT kind of inspiration. Heh. Well, nothing beats taking out an end boss at the end of a dungeon while the soundtrack to "Bridge of Khaz'adum" booms as your alternate soundtrack. ^_^-Logan
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