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Full Version: Ongoing report: Entropic Avatar - A Hero's Hero
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This is the followup to the Tina McIntyre Arc, involving more Praetorians. I'll run down some observations on each mission.
The Character: Entropic Avatar is a Ice/EM/Body Tanker. I've got some IOs, including some fun sets, but I'm by no means uber. I use insps liberally, so assume any insp I burn is a 1st tier.
Mission 1: Find the glowy, fight Chimera.
Chimera: Considering how much of a badass Manticore is, you'd expect Chimera to be nasty. He's not. I found him to be *pathetically* easy - I didn't even need inspirations on him. He and his minions appear to just be overgrown Tsoo - swords, caltrops, and...well, some bow attacks.
Mission 2: Defeat All Wolves: 60 minutes.
Oh yay. A timed defeat all. Whee. With an EB. Actually the Wolves were *really* easy, since they followed the old herding-friendly behavioral code.
Shadowhunter: Oh my god, this sucked. Earth Controls, Stone attacks, Stone Armor (no Granite, thank fnord), and Earth's Embrace. Oh joy, every 60s he rebuilds himself by 50% of his HP. Fun. Bunch of purples.
Mission 3: Find where the scanners are.
All I have to say about Nightstar's and Seige's minions is I *totally* want them for a MM.
Nightstar: Meh. Dark blasts, dark miasma, dark melee, not really a problem. She went down really quickly when I burned 2 purps and 3 reds.
Seige: Energy Melee, Energy Blasts. I found him harder, and died to him. Burned a total of 6 purps.
Mission 4: Get the scanners back.
Whee Bobcat's people. Bunch of wimpy Claw Scrappers. Speaking of which...
Bobcat: Claws/SR scrapper. She wasn't hard until she went into Unstoppable. I responded by hitting Hibernate and waiting out her first 60s of annoyance. After it wore off (I ended up hitting the elevator in the end) I came back and Energy Transfered her, and she ate floor. 3 purps, 2 yellows, 1 green.
Mission 5: Defeat Neuron
Anti-matter's minions are *way* cooler than Neuron's. Nuff said.
Neuron: Tedious, since he kept sucking down my end. 3 blues, 3 purps, 3 reds, watch his health bar drop.
Mission 6: Defend the clan from Battle Maiden
Yeah. Bomb hunt. Bounced around, very little combat.
Mission 7: Defeat Battle Maiden
Ugh. Purple cave. This one kind of sucked due to the way the mobs were placed near BM.
Battle Maiden: She was actually impressively resilient. I had to burn 2 purps, 3 greens, a blue, and 2 reds.
Mission 8: Rescue People From their Shadows
Outdoor mission with Black Swan's toadies, free the hostages. My word, these guys have Acc out the wazoo. Ignored my defenses. The Temp power was...okay, I guess. I think it may be Midnight Grasp (Mod Damage, Immob). Use it liberally, because you lose it in the next mission.

Mission 9: Rescue the Prisoner
This one is a bit tricky. The prisoner's easy to find, he's right near the entrance. Free him, mission is over. You have to go run for Black Swan first if you want Dimensional Warder.
Black Swan: Dark, Dark and more Dark. She was more irritating than anything. Burned 1 purp, 3 yellows, and 3 reds.
Mission 10: Check out the Asylum
WOW. I love the decor! Decrepit hospital gives me total Silent Hill vibes. Nice.
Malaise: What a wuss. Didn't burn anything.
Mother Mayhem: Not much tougher. Isn't Psi supposed to go through Ice Armor? I did burn 4 reds, 2 orange, and a yellow just for kicks, I had a few to spare.
To be continued.--
Christopher Angel, aka JPublic
The Works of Christopher Angel
"Camaraderie, adventure, and steel on steel. The stuff of legend! Right, Boo?"


VERY much looking forward to this arc.
think I'm gonna respec and crank up my PSI resist beforehand, though. Spec it out right, and _nothing_ goes through ice. Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979Wire Geek - Burning the weak and trampling the dead since 1979
Mission 9: Defeat All, including Infernal
Didn't I do this already? Bah. I hate Oranbegan maps, especially on a tall, big-armor toon like EA.
Diabolique: She was a PAIN. Not hard, surprisingly, but the wench kept on phase shifting every so often (like Illusionists), causing me to waste all sorts of Energy Transfers and Total Foci. Also when she was at 10% she'd hit the PFF, hit me with a Siphon Speed (which I ignored, yay Ice Armor) and bugger off. Tedious. 3 blues.
Infernal: Easier this time. 1 purp. After Diabolique he was refreshingly simple.
Mission 10: Defeat All again, with Marauder!
Okay, I may be alone in this, but Dominatrix' minions make queasy. Not exactly comfortable fighting guys in gimp suits, thanks. Maraduer's goons are just MA twits - easy.
Dominatrix: She wasn't hard, just tedious. She didn't seem to be able to hit me, but when she did, it *hurt*. She was *tough* though, with high resistances. It took a lot to put her down. 2 greens, 2 blues.
Marauder: SS/Inv tanker. Again, high resists (like 90% S/L, I think, thankfully his Energy was lower). A royal pain when he hit unstoppable, but other than that, not too bad. 2 green, 1 purp, 3 blue.
At this point, I got Dimensional Warder. I must have fought Tyrant elsewhere. *Shrug*. I took some time off to get Portal Jockey, and then, since I was almost done the Achievement badges for it, I went and completed Freedom Phalanx Reserve too.
Mission 11: Defeat Tyrant
Cave mission. Dude has a *nice* throne room. Very Conan - the lava is a nice touch. The goons are Marauder's.
Tyrant: Punk was L50! Considering I was 46, not good. ended up recruiting Brightsky and Amberlee for some assistance. With that, he was easy.
That jerk States thanks Brightsky once I freed him!

Fun arc, lots of EBs, and you can get a *great* accolade. What is there not to like?--
Christopher Angel, aka JPublic
The Works of Christopher Angel
"Camaraderie, adventure, and steel on steel. The stuff of legend! Right, Boo?"